Discontent is the Father of Progress Meme Joe Mask

Discontent Is The Father Of Progress

Have you noticed lately how discontent is the father of progress? The latest restrictions of a pandemic are forcing our hand in many ways.

How Have You Adapted?

Many of us are expanding our view of what is possible. This pandemic requires that we make changes. And even if the changes aren’t ideal, they still a broader perspective of who we are.

We are leveraging technology for schooling and for virtual meetings. And we’re getting better at personalizing electronic broadcasts. While I had already started “Knitting With QueerJoe” before the onset of pandemic restrictions, I have tried to increase the frequency, Also, I’ve tried to make them more socially engaging. So as to offset the isolation some may feel.

In fact, we even have to guard against the latest invasions with something called Zoom Bombing (uninvited guests coming into a Zoom meeting and yelling racist slurs, or exposing themselves to children…sigh). Everyone has to adapt, I guess.

The “stimulus plan” is also showing us many things. The imbalance of the extreme rich versus everyone else is highlighted in ways that can’t be ignored. Our government has been forced to acknowledge the true essential workers. So even the entrenched politicians are adapting.

Cooking meals at home. Starting to read again. Watching Netflix series you’ve wanted to see.

How is your routine changing.

Other than expanding in unexpected ways, my life has also slowed down in some areas.  Taking time to speak with family. Learning to sew (like the mask in the feature photo).

Yes, life is different, but in some ways it’s better.

Current Knitting

I finished the Interlocking Crochet Scarf.

Interlocking Crochet Scarf 04-02-20 01

Yesterday I finished weaving in the ends and blocking the scarf.  I’m very happy with this garment. It is exactly the size I estimated (60″ x 5.5″).

As I was staging the photo with the shiny black bust, I realized how light this lovely fabric is.  It’s a perfect accent scarf to add color. And it will also add quite a bit of warmth if necessary. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

I also finished the cranking part of a new pair of socks.

CSM Socks 04-02-20 Pairfect Pair Yarn

The yarn is Arne & Carlos Pairfect by Regia. I used a contrasting yarn for the heels and one of the toes (I forgot to switch yarn on the second toe!). The socks are not a “pairfect” set. Because I wasn’t careful where I started them. But I don’t care if socks match pairfectly. I still need to graft the toes and weave in ends as well.

2 comments on “Discontent Is The Father Of Progress

  1. What kind of toes are those on your socks??
    Also, I’ve been using a few skeins of Arne & Carlos and other Regia yarn. I can’t say I’m a fan. I find too many imperfections in Regia. As soon as I finish my current pair I’m swearing off Regia.

  2. Sorry, Diane, I just saw your comment. One of the things I like about Regia sock yarn is how durable it is. I am very hard on socks and usually blow a hole in the heel or toe of many socks made with yarn for handknitting. Not the Regia…it wears much better. The heel is a pretty standard short-row heel that I did on my sock machine. The only difference is the rate of decrease toward the center of the heel. As the shortrows get shorter and shorter, I stop short of the last turn 2 sts instead of just one for the last six shortrows. As the first six lengthening rows increase by 2 sts as well. It’s a standard CSM technique for having a more rounded toe and heel.

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