QueerJoe week of growth 2

Knitting With QueerJoe – Episode 4 – No Face For Facial Hair

As my 61st birthday approached, I thought I’d determine for certain whether I could grow a beard and/or mustache.  My face said “no” in at least two ways!

Current Knitting

Stalled a little on the Chevron Striped Scarf (video has some details).

Chevron Striped Scarf 04-08-20 01

So I started a mini-Chevron Striped Scarf of my own design.

ZigZag Striped Scarf 04-08-20 01

Loving the two yarn colorways in this scarf so far.

3 comments on “Knitting With QueerJoe – Episode 4 – No Face For Facial Hair

  1. Dear Joe – Is all that yarn, which forms your backdrop, YOURS?
    Love the African-inspired sweater.
    Great mini-chevron scarf.

  2. I had a similar yarn store experience to yours years ago in Dallas. The proprietress looked me over when I walked in and told me I could not afford anything in her store! I still laugh about it, in light of the $$$$$$$ I have spent on yarn in the last 60 years! your chats brighten my day, and each is better than the last.

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