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Growth and Expansion

In what ways have you experienced growth and expansion in your life during this time? With recent changes to routine, how have you grown?

Circumstances Demand Personal Growth and Expansion


Bread baking seems to be one area of focus for many of us constrained to our homes. Not sure why. Bread is basic sustenance. Being able to produce sustenance in a time of uncertainty is empowering? Perhaps it relieves fears of scarcity?

I haven’t been baking bread. I’ve been realizing how much I need social interaction. Thaddeus says that some people need to get in their quota of spoken words every day. I think I’m one of those people.  Have you ever met up with a friend who lives by themselves and they seem to have a need to purge themselves of words. They just don’t have an outlet for ideas. People in their lives to whom they can release the pressure valve of expression.

So, I’ve been hosting a lot of Zoom meetings with knitting friends.

Zoom Knitting 04-16-20 01

Recognizing this need to express myself, I’m also noticing the same need in some others. So I’m being very mindful to be a good listener. To really get what others need to express. That’s growth for me.

I’m also recognizing how much I took for granted. Kind of a trite, obvious concept to grasp. But there it is. I’m not able to run to Costco anytime I’m low on some items. It reminds me how easy it was just a month or so ago. I miss that security. But I wouldn’t have even noticed had it not been taken away.

The circumstances of COVID-19 also demand that I look for positive changes. I see tons of my crafty friends sewing masks to donate (see below). I read local community forums where people offer to pick grocery items for neighbors. Family members are reaching out broadly to friends on social media to make sure no one is suffering. Yes, I get to notice how this virus is bringing us together in many ways.

I’ll be interested to hear ways that you have found yourself growing and expanding.

Current Knitting/Sewing

You would think that with all Zoom knitting meetings I was conducting, that I’d have made a lot of progress on my current knitting. Alas, the social interaction is a higher priority than the knitting. But I have made some progress on the two knitting projects I’m working on.

Garter Striped Blue Scarf 04-20-20 01

The Zig Zag Striped Scarf has grown a little and the Garter Striped Scarf has grown even slightly more.

But I did put down knitting to sew some face masks to donate.

Virus Masks Sewn 04-20-20 01

A friend who has been making a lot of masks sent me a great YouTube video link. I had all the materials to make these masks, so I made 14 of them to donate. Here’s me demonstrating how to wear it and why I like this design.


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  1. Thank you for the mask info! This is the one that makes the most sense to me for fitting all kinds of faces. What did you use for the ties? Not loving the clothes line.

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