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One Last Attempt At Facial Hair

Yes, I understand how gender-normative and exclusionary this statement is. But for me, part of masculinity involves facial hair. So, I have made one last attempt at facial hair.

Want To See My One Last Attempt At Facial Hair?

First of all, you should know that Thaddeus is dead-set against me growing facial hair. He hates the way it looks. Throughout this three-week attempt at facial hair growth, I had to constantly assure him that I was just experimenting. To assess what was possible. Also, that my face would soon be clean-shaven. And to be fair to him, the trendiness of facial hair is starting to wane in the gay community (I think).

On the other side, I have envied many a guy who sported hair on their face. I think it’s attractive. Even as far back as the 70’s when porn-staches were popular, I have wanted one.

Initially, I just stopped shaving my face.  After a week or so, it became obvious there are certain parts of my face that just don’t have much hair growth. Or even if it did, i didn’t want hair growing there. So, I shaved my lower neck and the upper part of my cheeks.

Then, I realized that I didn’t really grow much hair on the upper jaw-line. So I shaved off anything but a mustache and goatee.

Finally after about two and a half weeks, I decided I didn’t want a goatee, so I went for what I call the “biker ‘stache and soul patch.”

Biker Stache and Soul Patch

That’s obviously not me.  My mustache was starting to grow in almost as fully as this guy’s. But my soul-patch was more scraggly and there was significantly more gray. Especially in the lower sides of the mustache. Overall, this would be my most successful facial hair strategy given what I have to work with.

The last couple of days of this experiment, I trimmed down to just a mustache. Here are a couple of different views of what it looked like after 3 weeks.

QueerJoe with stache 01

Honestly, I liked it. It made me feel manly. And the experiment proved that I could grow facial hair that I’d like.

But the experiment is now over.

QueerJoe Shaved Clean 01

And by the way, Thaddeus hasn’t mentioned yet (or hasn’t noticed) that I shaved.

Current Knitting

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Zoom Knitting Meet-Ups to satisfy my socializing needs. So I’ve been working primarily on my simplest, no-concentration project.

Garter Striped Blue Scarf 04-27-20 01

As a result, I finished the latest Garter Striped Scarf. And I’m quite pleased with the result.

I have also made some minimal progress on the Zig Zag Striped Scarf.

ZigZag Striped Scarf 04-27-20 01

This one does require some concentration. But I can successfully work on it whilst chatting on Zoom.

2 comments on “One Last Attempt At Facial Hair

  1. I like your clean shaven look the best. That said, I have never seen my husband without his beard and mustache (We’ve known each other since 1974).

    1. Thanks Marilyn. I always wonder if people just prefer what they know better. So, if you had known me with facial hair and I shaved it off, I wonder if you would have preferred the facial hair.

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