COVID-19 Television Viewing - COVID-19 TV Viewing

QueerJoe Recommended COVID-19 Television Viewing

Over the years, there have been many readers who have liked my movie recommendations. So I thought I give my recommended COVID-19 television viewing recommendations.

Two Categories of COVID-19 Television Viewing

What I’m currently watching and what I think of it.  And What I have watched in the past which I think would be worth watching if you’ve never seen it.

What I’m Currently Watching

What I’ve Watched in the Past

This is the list of episodic shows we’ve watched in the past. They’re in the order that I recommend them.  Witcher is the only one I wouldn’t really recommend.

Here’s How To Use These Lists

If you’ve seen a handful or more of these series, compare your reviews with mine. Then, if you and I overlap a lot, try some of the series you haven’t seen.  If not, look for other recommendations that match your tastes more closely.

Did I miss any that you just LOVED?  I want to know.

Current Knitting

Close to completing the Zig Zag Striped Scarf…less than 10 inches to go.

ZigZag Striped Scarf 04-29-20 01

ZigZag Striped Scarf 04-29-20 02

Also started a new shawl by Reis Luke in the Philippines.

Ever Trusty Shawl 04-29-20 01

It’s a free pattern download on Ravelry called Ever Trusty Shawl.  It doesn’t look like much yet, but it’s a fun pattern to knit and I like the profile of the finished garment.  It’s also very loose and drapey.

5 comments on “QueerJoe Recommended COVID-19 Television Viewing

  1. Love After Life! Watching second season now. 3 of my Top 10 all-time are Peaky Blinders (use sub titles so you can understand), Ozark and Bloodline!

  2. “The Good Fight“ with Christine Baranski and Delroy Lindo. Delightful even when over the top.
    “Shetland” and “Happy Valley, “ British mysteries. Trapped, much like “Shetland” but set in Iceland. Sweaters abound.

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