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Spectrum Of Knit Geekdom

Where do you fall on the spectrum of knit geekdom?  Will  you knit some unique feature into a garment even though no one will every notice it? Or even understand it if they do notice it?

Your Position On The Spectrum of Knit Geekdom

The knitting community is filled with smart, creative and clever people. It never ceases to surprise me at what amazing people I encounter in the knitting world. We also have our fair share of scientists, librarians, mathematicians and people whose minds work somewhat differently than the average person. At least that’s my experience.

Self-Evaluation Spectrum of Knit Geekdom

52Pickup-Double-Knit Alasdair Post-Quinn

I was chatting with Alasdair, the double-knitting geek king this past weekend.  He was considering doing a Venn diagram showing the intersection of knitters, double-knitters willing to do three-color double-knitting, and those who aren’t averse to mentioning “rats” in their knitwear.

He and I both believe it’s a total population of 2 people.

Or how about this spectrum:

  • Knitting
  • Knitting something specific to Star Wars or Dr. Who
  • Making sure your crocheted Death Star or Dr. Who Scarf is proportionally accurate, even if no one would ever know that it wasn’t
  • Finding the exact right colors for a specific Dr. Who Scarf or painfully knitting a DNA strand into a shadow knitting scarf

 DNA Shaddow Knitting

Most of us reach the first level of geekdom…we knit.

Many of us have dabbled in the second level by doing unnecessarily difficult things with knitting to achieve something only a few might appreciate.

Not even I can say I’ve achieved Level-4 of Knit-Geekdom, and by the flap hat in the top photo, you can see I’ve knit some pretty geeky things.

What’s the knit-geekiest thing you’ve ever made?

Current Knitting

I did a little work on the Circular Sock Machine, and I am always confounded.

CSM Sock 05-06-20 01

After weeks of not using this old machine, I can sit down and crank out a perfect sock.  But the minute I go to do the second of the pair, the machine acts up and I can’t get it to knit a second sock for the life of me.

I also worked some on the test-knit Danao Cowl by Crafty Lukas.

Danao Cowl 05-06-20 01

Halfway through the stranded knitting section before I finish the second half of the inside lining.  It’s been a fun knit and moves along fast.

6 comments on “Spectrum Of Knit Geekdom

  1. I knit Kate Atherley’s Bigger on the inside shawl, and it is by far the piece most-commented-on when I wear it. Generally by people saying, “Is that the Tardis?!”

  2. I knit a baby blanket in double knitting in checkerboard squares. I knit (for the same baby) a one-piece jumper thing with feet. It had a zipper up the front. I think installing that zipper was as painful as anything I’ve ever done but the feet were fairly painful. Do these count as geeky? (By the way, the baby’s parents spilled orange pop on that blanket.)

    1. Any double-knitting is at least a level 2 geekiness. The feet of the baby garment aren’t so much geeky as challenging. I think.

  3. I would add Lars’ Braille sweater and also the one he did with norse script. Both of them are stunning and very original ideas.

  4. I designed a lace scarf with feel good molecules hidden in the lace pattern – theobromine, caffeine, amphetamine (I was put on it as a child for ADHD), dopamine, and adrenalin. I think this puts me in the knit-nerd category. 🥰

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