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I Fully Support Donald Trump

Thank GOD he finally made it to Pennsylvania and spoke the truth to our Democratic Governor. Because now I fully support Donald Trump. Open the State of Pennsylvania NOW!

My About-Face – Why I Fully Support Donald Trump

The Governor of my State, Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Tom Wolf has started allowing counties to open up gradually. The State legislature here is Republican-led and rabidly against the Governor. Trump won the State of Pennsylvania in 2016. So it was a smart strategic decision of Trump’s team to come to Allentown, Pennsylvania yesterday to try to make our Governor look bad.

And I couldn’t agree with Trump more on this.

“Open the State of Pennsylvania and let the economy flourish!”

Here’s why.

I think conservative Pennsylvanians should put their children and aged relatives where their mouths are. So to speak.

Send your kids to crowded playgrounds. Let them gather at McDonalds and Chuck-E-Cheese. Send them on as many playdates as you can schedule. Encourage your aged parents or grandparents to go to play duplicate bridge again. Make sure they start attending their book clubs.

Personally, I have the stamina to continue to socially distance. I’m finding it rather easy to comply with recommendations from health officials to keep myself as safe from COVID-19 as I can.

So, if the conservatives in this State want herd immunity, I say go for it. The more of you who contract COVID-19 and/or die from it, the less chance I’ll have of contracting it in a few months. Also, the fewer of you will be around in November to vote for Trump. And there will be fewer of you to elect Republican State legislators.

So go out in crowds. Get drunk in bars again. Attend as many rallies as you can get to. I mean, you’re not working now anyway. Scream loudly and send as much spittle into the air as you can. Breathe deeply the fresh air of our State. And encourage your children and aged relatives to do so as well.

None of you will be missed. Not by me, at least.

Current Knitting

After some missteps and ripping out, I have recouped and even made some progress on the Close To You Shawl.

Close To You Shawl 05-15-20 01

I know it doesn’t look like a lot of progress since Monday. I made a minor mistake and considered just letting it go. Then I thought I might prefer to alternate the two hanks of Uneek Fingering yarn every alternate garter ridge.  So, I ripped back to the beginning and started again.  I realized quickly that I couldn’t carry the yarn up one side of the work because it wasn’t a straight edge (the bottom of the shawl in the photo above). And I didn’t want to carry it up the other side, because I love the selvedge edge created by the stitch pattern.

Close To You Shawl 05-15-20 02

So I ripped back again, and re-started this project.

Hopefully, this will be the last misstep on the project and I’ll finish it in short order. I LOVE the yarn and the pattern is PERFECT for it. In my not-so-humble opinion..

16 comments on “I Fully Support Donald Trump

  1. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I had to wipe my eyes. From tears. From laughing so hard I cried.
    I frogged some knitting myself yesterday and I started the project again with renewed determination.

  2. I’d be fine if only Trump supporters were harmed by Republican policies. As we all know, that isn’t the case.

  3. You know, it’s just not funny — no matter how pissed off and frightened and frustrated we are by the idiots in power or those who put economy over lives — it’s just not funny to advocate for the deaths of children and seniors. It’s just not.

    1. The difference is, Joe says it straight out. Whereas Conservative policies hide behind funding arguments. If you don’t fund equitable health care for ALL, you’re fine with higher death toll for those who can’t pay.

      1. Not that I’m suggesting the blog is about universal health care, just that there’s more than one way to be insensitive to the deaths of others.

  4. Thank you for the laugh I had while reading this. While our current times aren’t funny-they ARE funny! Gallows humor has gotten me through so many things and I is my safety net now.
    I am on my 3rd Close to You shawl. Knitting brings me such peace.

  5. I feel like wishing death on people makes us just as bad as the other guys so I can’t find this funny. Sorry.

  6. I fail to see the humor in this post. Wishing death or illness on seniors and children (or anyone for that matter) is just not funny. We are all in this together.

    1. I’m replying to Laurie’s comment, because she’s the latest one to make this kind of comment. But it really is in response to any people calling me out my advocating for seniors and children to die.

      First of all, satire isn’t always meant to be funny. And in this case, it was really meant to highlight how the POS POTUS has actually advocated to put our seniors and children in danger. To those chiding me for not being funny, I might suggest that you use your anger to protest against the person who is REALLY advocating danger the citizens of this State. Or rally support for candidates running against him.

      Progressives seem to lose all sense of purpose in their response to posts like this one. I personally think it’s largely how our POS POTUS distracts us with appalling behavior. We get outraged by ideas that have no power instead of fighting for things that might make a difference. Focus people.

      1. As an NY nurse I also have to advocate that folks be smart. Stay home and be safe. Stay home and keep me safe. Stay home and keep our children safe. Stay home and keep our seniors safe. How about stay home and knit.

        The only way to beat this virus is to work together.

        Joe- if people don’t “get” the message of this essay, or choose to be offended, please don’t pay it no nevermind. I know you are not advocating for sickness and death to befall the stupid. So should all of your readers. Geesh. If we can’t laugh we might cry.

  7. While I don’t wish bad to anyone, I agree wholeheartedly with this!!! As humorous as it is, it is also sadly true. I live in an area of NY state which is opening up, you’d think it’s a license to run wild in the streets. Stay home and stay safe!!!

  8. You nailed it. “Let ‘grandma’ die so we can go eat at (Insert name of your favorite eatery).” I don’t wish ‘bad’ on anyone, but some will do it to themselves because they really seem to be that stupid. I’ve seen the ‘You can’t fix stupid’ floating on the internet lately. Says it all.

  9. I completely understand the sentiment. Seeing crowds threatening violence to those trying to help while dragging their poor kids along is appalling. Can’t they be creative and have a social distancing party with drinks and music somewhere outside? Except that is what they are protesting-common sense rules.

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