QueerJoe Knitting In The Wild

QueerJoe Knitting In The Wild – Does QueerJoe Really Knit?

For many, the feature photo today of QueerJoe knitting in the wild is a rare capture. In fact, many of the guys at the Men’s Knitting Retreat have never seen me knit.

Why QueerJoe Knitting In The Wild Is So Rare

There are a couple of main reasons it’s rare for others to see me knit.

  1. QueerJoe is a shitty multi-tasker. It’s true. I’m not very good at doing multiple tasks at once.
  2. I prioritize socializing much higher than knitting

Yes, there are other factors involved, but mostly it all comes down to these two factors.

At the Men’s Knitting Retreats and also during many recent Zoom yarn get-togethers, I hardly ever knit.

Zoom Meeting Screen Capture

As much as I love knitting, I much prefer to chat and socialize.  And if my project requires any concentration at all, I find I can’t both socialize and knit.

Even my current project, the Close To You Shawl gets messed up almost every time I try to knit and chat at the same time. It’s a very simple pattern. Two-row repeat can practically be done in my sleep. But there is also a 10-row repeat. I can track the 10-row repeat by either counting rows, or by counting stitches.  Either one of those techniques gets lost when I chat and socialize.

I’ve decided the only project I can successfully do while chatting (or watching subtitled movies, or listening to an audible book, etc.) requires no counting at all.  I can do complex stitches like the knitted cross stitch.  I just can’t keep track of stitch or row count.

Why would I possibly prefer to count stitches than interact with people?

Current Knitting

As you can also see from the feature photo, I have made quite a bit of progress on the second Close To You Shawl.

Close To You Shawl BW 05-22-20 01

This photo doesn’t show off the pattern very well. But fortunately you won’t have to wait long to see the final garment.  It’s turning out fantastically well.

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