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The World Stops For a Test Knit

When a friend is testing out a new design I must help out. Especially when it’s a new and budding designer. Then the World stops for a test knit.

All Other Projects On Hold While The World Stops For a Test Knit!

One of the great things about COVID-19 is all the fantastic guy-knitters I’ve been able to meet. I’ve mentioned this before.

One relatively new knitter, Gabriel is the exact kind of knitter that enthuses me. He’s creative, thoughtful and adventurous. While I’m pretty supportive of most new knitters, I will go out of my way to encourage this type of knitter.

He’s just recently designed a new hat. He adapted a stitch pattern from something else he was working on and changed the sizing so it will be a tighter fitting “skully” type of hat. And he took great pains to make sure the top decreases enhanced the stitch pattern.

So, when he asked if anyone wanted to test knit it, I definitely wanted in.

First of all, I know how difficult it is to write up a pattern. Even a relatively simple pattern can be fraught with pitfalls.

Second, I really loved how his hat came out

Finally, I loved his process in working through how he would do his decreases at the crown, so I wanted to enjoy the fruits of his efforts by making my own.

Finally (again), I enjoy tech editing patterns.

Finally (okay, not-so-finally), I loved the name he gave the design – Gridditch. It’s a little descriptive and a little Harry Potterish.

Finally (final again, I promise), I knew I could finish it in one night of knitting.

QueerJoe Wearing Gridditch Beanie 02

I probably should have found some Gryffindor colorway yarn to make it in. I guess this could be a bit Slythernish.

Current Knitting

Despite hat knitting, I have done some work on the Resolve Cowl and the Oil-Slick colorway of the latest Close To You Shawl, but I’ll wait to show you that until Monday’s blog entry.

14 comments on “The World Stops For a Test Knit

  1. Hi Joe and Thaddeus, Happy, happy days. That gorgeous hat would look great on Thaddeus. I second kayT…please do let us know when and where it is available, I can see many of them coming off my needles too be gifted to shelters in areas where snow and cold dominate. Please stay well and safe. And thank you, for being here for us

  2. I like the name, and the pattern. I’m going to also request information about when the pattern will come out.
    I can see mine in hufflepuff colors… even if I make some mistakes I’d still love it.
    Karen Koziol

  3. Love the hat!! Thanks for knitting it and letting us have a look at a new designer’s work. Like Diane, I’m eager to get the pattern and knit the hat for community projects. I’m also looking forward to more great designs by Gabriel. All the best to him. Wishing everyone good health and lots of yarn!

  4. Again, Sir—you are the best kind of tease. Love the hat. The fact that it can be knit in an evening only makes it better!

    It doesn’t surprise my that you like tech editing patterns—how many poorly written ones have you upgraded throughout your knitting life?

    I bet you like spreadsheets too. 🙂

  5. Ditto from Scotland . It would look – and feel – great while out on our Highland hills !

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