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Just Beauty Today - Delaware River Canal and Towpath New Hope PA

Just Beauty Today

Still feeling a little jammed by all that’s going on.  So other than knitting I offer just beauty today. I hope it provides some respite and serenity.

Just Beauty Today – Fortunate To Live Where I Do

When Thaddeus and I first moved to Bucks County Pennsylvania 30 or so years ago, it was almost as if we moved into a vacation home.

We took off a week or two from work to move in and get settled. Every morning we ate out for breakfast and enjoyed the beautiful area.  We have never gotten tired of it. It is still like we’re on vacation.  Yes, there are times we’ve taken it for granted. We’ve forgotten what it was like to live in paradise. But fortunately, those times don’t last too long.

So, feel free to listen to 24 seconds of the Delaware River.  Or enjoy a tiny slide show of views on our standard bike ride.

Current Knitting

I did finish the latest Close To You Shawl using the Universe sparkly yarn.

Close to You Shawl 06-03-20 01 

It ended up being almost six feet long from tip to tip.  It’s a very versatile design when it comes to wearing it. Unless you’re averse to wearing shawls./shawlettes. 

I’m still working (a little) on the Resolve Cowl.  It requires a bit more concentration for such a simple garment should require. I’m pretty certain I will never knit this pattern again, but I’m glad for the ideas it put in my head.  And for the things I’ve learned whilst knitting it.

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