New Hat Pattern is Now Available - Gabe Gridditch Gryffindor

New Hat Pattern Is Available!

A number of folks asked when the Gridditch Beanie pattern would be available.  Gabe has finished writing, testing and editing the pattern. The new hat pattern is available on Ravelry.

Support A New, Budding Designer!

Long time knitters always remember the excitement of coming up with your first design. It was awesome to be able to give back to the community of knitters.  My first knitting pattern was a Feather and Fan Scarf done with two colorways of Koigu.  I can still remember the enthusiasm and the excitement I had with sharing something beautiful.

The pattern has got a grid-like quality. Combine that with a love of Harry Potter and you get Gridditch Beanie.

It’s a fun, quick knit that can be done as a “skully” type beanie or as more of a slouchy hat. Mine was done as a skully.

Gridditch Beanie 01

When knit in the colors of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw, it is even closer to the original intent of the hat.

This relatively new knitter has got an amazing understanding of the structure and order of knitting already. He’s teaches advanced mathematics at the High School level. This has already given him a view into knitting that has inspired a number of us who know him

Fun Fact: Gabe teaches in an open-space High School with few walls and official classroom spaces. The high school opened in 1974 and I was in the first four-year graduating class of the school.

I wish I had had teachers like Gabe when I was there. Though I was very fortunate going there…it’s always been known as a very good school district.

Current Knitting

With the completion of the latest Close to You Shawl, I have picked up the Resolve Cowl again.

Resolve Cowl 06-05-20 01

The two concepts that attracted me to this garment was the unique 1×1 ribbing Kyle Vey does in his pattern. And an idea called controlled marling.

There are five distinct sections of the body of the cowl. The bottom section is 100% one color showing on the front (gold in this case). The next section is 25% blue (randomly) and 75% gold. Then 75% blue and 25% gold and then 100% blue.  Controlling the marling isn’t a science, so you can see the 100% gold section isn’t all gold. The blue shows through.

But I have started on the second section where more of the blue is showing through.

Resolve Cowl 06-05-20 02

I have to admit, I keep asking myself if the end result is worth all this yarn and effort.  I’m still deciding.

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