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Get Off It!

I’m bringing back the expression “Get off it!”  It was big during my days in est and I think it needs a comeback.

What Does “Get Off It” Mean?

Yes, it’s what I tell Finn when he’s on the dining table. But more importantly it’s a reminder for me to let go of ideas that I’m stuck on.

The two-weekend est training had a very specific purpose.

“The purpose of the est training is to transform your ability to experience living so that the situations you have been trying to change or have been putting up with clear up just in the process of life itself.”

“The training” offered participants a space where they could get past their limited ideas on who they were. On what they were capable of.  Part of  that space was the the est Trainer yelling at us to “Get the fuck off it!”

Yes, it might sound harsh, but I found it incredibly effective at getting me unstuck from behaviors and ideas that didn’t serve me. And the beauty of this idea, is that it is a lifetime journey. Or perhaps longer. One can never “get off it” enough. It’s definitely not a destination. It’s also not something I can ask of others. I can only look to see how I can do it personally.

How I Get Off It

I’ve been using this mantra a lot lately.

  • When I’m cross with Thaddeus, it’s time to see whether I need to forgive and understand.
  • If I find myself perplexed at how I can help out the state of the World, it is time for self-assessment.
  • As I scroll through social media posts, I can keep myself from getting snagged on a knee-jerk reaction.
  • Just asking the question, “How can I get off it?” always leads me to a better place.

The World demands that I continue to change. Only when I take full and personal responsibility for who I am and what I think, can I be of any help.

This transformation from unconscious to awake, allows situations to clear up just in the process of life itself.

Current Knitting/Spinning

My knitting projects have been pushed aside again for new things to work on.

First of all, I decided to knit a second Gridditch Beanie using colors for one of the Hogwarts houses (Gryffindor).

Gridditch Beanie Gryffindor Colors 06-07-

A knitting friend who doesn’t spin asked me if I could spin yarn for him if he sent me some roving.  He sent me this.

Hawaiian Shirt Roving

It’s an Inglenook Fibers roving of 50% Merino, 25% Tussah Silk, and 25% Natural Flax. The amazing colorway is Hawaiian Shirt.

I was glad to make yarn for someone. Even more glad to make yarn with THIS…it’s gorgeous, and even more gorgeous to spin.

And just to make sure I keep occupied, I also started a sock.

Toe-Up Sock 06-07-20 01

I’m using my standard toe-up sock. I haven’t knit my sock recipe so long, I had to find my pattern for it again so I could remind myself how to work the gusset and heel sections.

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  1. In my studies of the Hawaiian Huna philosophy, I came across the Ho’oponopono process. This postulates that the individual has created everything he is or has experienced. It is not a question of blame but of facilitating release by using the four-phrase Ho’oponopono (‘to make right twice’) mantra. It is said that this process releases the speaker from his or her part in the experiences of others and thereby changes their experience of life although no contact is necessary. It also opens up possibilities which a modern reality-driven mindset might ignore. I have just lost a friend to the big C. Three other friends have been told they are terminal and not from Covid. I repeat the Ho’oponopono process daily to release them in whatever way I can: ‘I love you; I am sorry; Please forgive me; Thank you’.

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