Finishing Pile

Finishing Pile

Okay…are there any of you out there who have one of these?  Or is a “finishing pile” just something that craft show knitters have?

Working Through The Finishing Pile

First of all, it’s necessary to define what goes on this pile.

Since I need to have photos of “finished” items for this blog, I often will hide loose ends or unfinished seams in a finished photo.

But even if all the seams are sewn and all the loose ends are woven in, there are still a number of things I need to do.  Finished garments destined for a craft show are measured, tagged, priced, entered into the inventory database. And a photo is loaded into the inventory database as well. Then the garment is stored in a “finished items” bin.

Honestly, most of the items in my pile still have loose ends to weave in. Or minimally, ends that have been woven in and need to be trimmed.

Fortunately, I only do two craft shows each year. And they’re not until November. Or perhaps that’s unfortunate, since I’m not pushed to get this pile under control.

I’ve said a number of times that I really don’t mind doing finishing. Sewing up a garment or weaving in ends is just one other aspect of knitting. And knitting is a craft I enjoy. All aspects of it.

Current Knitting/Spinning

I’ve made some progress on my latest toe-up sock, and I’m very pleased with the result so far.

Toe-Up Sock 06-10-20 01

I’m liking the color and the contrasting yarn for the toe and heel. But I’m also liking the fact that my toe-up sock recipe seems to work well. I haven’t found a mistake in it yet (knock wood).

I’ve also finished spinning the singles for the Inglenook Fibers roving for a friend.

Spinning Roving 06-10-20 01

This is going to be a beautiful yarn and should end up being a sport or DK weight.  Here’s the short time-lapse video showing me finishing off this part of the spinning process.

I’ll need to spin up some singles in a neutral color to ply onto the Inglenook singles. This way I’ll keep the long, beautiful color lengths and still create a balanced, two-ply yarn.  I’ve chosen a light gray/silver roving.

Spinning Light Gray 06-05-20 01

I don’t know what the fiber is or where I got it. But it’s spinning up a very fuzzy single which I hope plies well onto the Inglenook Merino/Silk/Flax singles.

Stay tuned for exciting plying!


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