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It’s A Whole New World

It’s amazingly difficult to imagine what it will be like returning to real life. How will I interact with others? What will be considered an acceptable risk in this whole new world?

A Whole New World Until A Treatment or Vaccine

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with the coordinator for the Men’s Knitting Retreat in September. We trying to imagine what a men’s knitting retreat at Easton Mountain would look like.

The retreats are all about community. Yes, we are brought together by a common love of yarn and fiber. But the bonds that form between the guys is what really keeps most of us coming back year after year.

So, how would that work? Would limiting the number of guys attending affect us? Physically distancing? How about masks, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes being used constantly? Should we ask guys to check their temperatures for the week or two before the retreat to see if they need to opt out of the event?

What impact would separating us have on our desire to be together?

I know there are lots of people dealing with the same types of questions about their own “new world.” And I’m realizing that it’s a lot of work coming up with the rules. Yes, there are some State guidelines and even some Federal ones. But no one is making it easy.

I’m about to put out a survey to the guys who have attended the East Coast Men’s Knitting Retreats to ask them what they require. Or their general feelings about being together. Yes, the North East Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat is still scheduled for September. Will it happen? What will it look like? Will it be awesome?

I’m looking forward to finding out.

Current Knitting/Spinning

Moving right along on my latest pair of toe-up socks.

Toe-Up Sock 06-12-20 01

Mostly so I didn’t have to carry around the contrasting yarn I used for the toes and heels, I finished the foot of the second sock.  Now I’m back to finishing the ribbing on the first sock.  This is always the slowest part for me.

I also finished spinning the singles for the yarn I’m spinning and I’m about to start plying.

Spinning Roving 06-12-20 01

Wish me luck…these fibers are beautiful.


6 comments on “It’s A Whole New World

  1. Joe, I believe we all are in for the long haul. But You mention, the cautions which we all already know. What is the retreat doing. I have never been to one of your retreats, and I would love to come. This issue is on stopping me from comming to sign up for it.
    I have another issue. You mention you speak French. I have pattern from Pingouin from 1985. The mans sweaters has a very raised rib stitch to it. It reads 1 fios 3m. et 3 fios 4m. ? I have written to Pingouin. Returned mail undeliverable. I been on knitting paradise. everyone says 1 below. or front and back none which work. Any directions would greatly apprecabled. Thanks Wally

    1. Thanks Wally…I think you’re right about all the COVID restrictions.
      As for your Pingouin pattern, I am not familiar with the expression:
      1 fios 3m. et 3 fios 4m.
      Is it fios or fois? 1 fois means 1 time. And “m” is the abbreviation for stitch(es) in French. Perhaps if you have a photo of the pattern or the name that we could look up in Ravelry to try and re-engineer it?

      1. Hello, Joe,
        I’m very pleased to find your blog by chance, searching about informations to solve issues on my csm.. And I read your comment. As a pathetic knitter I have no advice to give. But as a french people, I think that Joe is right : 1 fois 3 mailles et 3 fois 4 mailles. It makes sens. I never found “fios” in a french pattern.
        Wish you all the best in your knitting, Wally !
        Best regards,

  2. Perhaps the biggest limiting factor in *all* new normal activities will be significant increase in cost per participant: fewer participants (assuming some sort of distancing is observed), more supplies, increase in supply costs (as cost of guidelines are factored in by suppliers), etc. Maybe a tiered participation, analog (in person) and virtual. Best of luck!

  3. As things begin to be cancelled into the fall, I also wonder if the 10th SEMKR will have to be postponed. Only time will tell. I am being careful and cautious, but what about others? Will we have to continue to meet virtually? How long will it be before we can meet physically? These are all questions that can’t be answered now. I miss my knitting friends. Thank goodness for Zoom.

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