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New iPhone SE

Birthdays aren’t the same during COVID-19. Although this one ended up with me getting a new iPhone SE.

Delayed Birthday Lunch and Self-Gifting of a New iPhone SE

We had the good fortune of visiting our friend Charles this past week. It was surprising just how much joy I derived from anticipating the visit. It was really just a short visit to help him with his car (Thaddeus’ job) and to join him for lunch from a great little takeout place Charles likes.

Given that my birthday is in the beginning of April, I had no idea that he was going to ensure nice desserts and a card/gift for my birthday.

So, it turned out even better than I expected.

Charles stayed safe and didn’t risk a shopping expedition and let me choose my own gift this year. Which finally prompted me to use his gift toward the purchase of the latest iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 06-21-20 01

So, every photo on today’s blog entry will be from my new iPhone (except for the photo above of the actual new phone). Which makes sense, no? One of the best features is the better camera!

My old phone is an iPhone 6. It barely met the criteria for my current cellular provider. And Apple considers the phone obsolete now and won’t even allow me to update the IOS to the latest versions of 13.x.x.

I didn’t really need a new phone. Yet. And there were very few times where I wished I had a new one. But those few times were starting to happen a bit more frequently.

What I Like About The New iPhone

  • I can use features of IOS 13 (portrait mode photography, additional CarPlay features, etc.)
  • It has a better camera     QueerJoe Portrait 06-21-20 01
  • The new iPhone doesn’t use facial recognition security
  • It’s water-resistant (in case I drop it in the tub when I’m bathing)

Mostly, I like the new iPhone for what HASN’T changed. It’s about the same size and uses the home button. It looks and feels a lot like my old phone, but it’s faster and no longer obsolete.

Finally, it was AMAZINGLY simple to switch from my iPhone 6 to the iPhone SE. I turned it on and selected my language. It realized there was another iPhone nearby and told me to just keep them close and it would handle the rest.

And it did.  Except for exchanging the SIM card, which was simple. Easiest transition to a new phone EVER!

Current Knitting

First off, I mentioned in and earlier blog entry and the last Episode of Knitting With QueerJoe that I was questioning if the Resolve Cowl was worth knitting.  I decided it wasn’t and I frogged it.

Ball and Skein Glissade Yarn in Gold and Purple Aubergine

The yarn was too beautiful to make a garment that I couldn’t sell or enjoy myself. At least not enough for the cost of the yarn and the amount of time and effort to make it. For those of you who will ask, the yarn is hand-dyed Glissade yarn by Ball and Skein in colorways Iris and Acorn.

So I decided to knit another Close To You Shawl out of the beautiful gold color yarn.

Close To You Scarf 06-21-20 01


It’s turning out incredibly well, and I MUCH prefer this garment to the other one.

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