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Back To The Flea Market

This past weekend, one of our forms of socializing, exercising and shopping re-opened. So, we’re back to the flea market in Lambertville, New Jersey.

Is It Worth It Being Back To The Flea Market?

Thaddeus has been ULTRA careful about limiting our exposure to COVID-19. We’ve reduced our trips to the grocery store by more than 50 percent. We’ve only gone back to Costco a couple of times since this whole thing started. And we haven’t even considered restaurants. Even for takeout.

So, when our local flea market re-opened on Saturday, we had to decide.

The rules for vending and/or shopping required 6 feet of physical distancing and masks. Vendors also couldn’t put extra tables in their sales space.

We figured, it’s outside, they were ensuring plenty of space to stay 6 feet away from others and the mask rules were strong.

So we went.

One other factor about this place. Many of the vendors are very vocal about their support of Hair Füror. Of course, we never went to anyone’s table there when we knew they supported him.  But that also meant there would be some who would refuse to wear a mask.

And, it appears that there was no enforcement of the mask policy.  While almost all of the shoppers wore masks, and it was easy to avoid those who didn’t, there were a number of vendors who weren’t wearing one. Or they wore them below their noses or around their neck. Those vendors were also easy to avoid.

So, we had to decide on whether this 3-times-a-week outing was an acceptable risk for us.

We’ve decided to limit our visits to 1 time a week for now. Only on Wednesdays.  If the rules start to be more actively enforced, we may consider going more often.

But honestly, it’s difficult to justify limiting our visits to Costco (who enforces mask wearing and a lot of other strong safety precautions) and then going someplace where masks are seemingly optional.

Current Knitting

Just finished knitting and weaving in the ends for the latest Close To You Shawl.

Close To You Scarf 06-24-20 03

And it’s beautiful. Personally, I much prefer the gorgeous color-striped versions done in Uneek Fingering. But this one is very rich and beautiful in a more conservative way.

Which do you prefer?

4 comments on “Back To The Flea Market

  1. Love the shawls. Both of them. We’re on vacation this week in the Mountains of NC. Masks are required in stores here. Many remove them when they get inside. Stupidity is spreading this virus.

  2. They’re both lovely, but I absolutely prefer the colourful shawl!
    Glad to hear there’s some enforcement of mask-wearing down there. (We do hear a lot of crazy things in the news about ‘goings on’ south of the border! )
    Here in Canada there are still some ignoring the rules and risks. However, for the most part people are following government guidelines, wearing masks, keeping socially distanced and staying safe.
    Keep well!

  3. They are both beautiful. However, the one you are wearing is my favourite. You have inspired me to dig out a skein of merino and silk that I have, and cast on.

  4. Love the scarf. Beautiful.

    As far as masks go: whenever I see someone with their mask on under the nose I always imagine them to also having their genitals hanging outside of their underwear b/c they don’t know how to don properly.
    I don’t know how in the world masks became political. They are a matter of public health. The same people who object to wearing masks have no problem complying with the “Shoes and Shirts Required” signs posted everywhere.

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