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How Transphobic Are We?

Please be assured, I am not asking WHETHER we are transphobic. I am very specifically asking how transphobic are we.

The Journey Of Figuring Out How Transphobic Are We

This isn’t an excuse, but the way we’ve been exposed to trans and non-binary folks, there is no way we couldn’t be transphobic. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come a long way since my young, arrogant stupidity of 1973.

Had I been at the Pride march in 1973 in New York City, I would have been one of the ill-informed, privileged, white cis-men jeering Sylvia Rivera. I often thought that people like Sylvia and I had nothing in common. What were they doing interfering with my celebration?

Yes, I’ve come a long way since then in my thinking. But I don’t plan on being self-congratulatory, because it’s obvious I still have a lot of work to do.

I just watched the new Netflix documentary, Disclosure.

I got a chance to put myself into the shoes of my trans brothers and sisters for a little. And those were not comfortable shoes. But I was grateful for the discomfort.  This one movie expanded my mind more than any meditation practice ever could.

Gender-non-conforming behavior is the common link with my trans and non-binary community. Supporting them, and fighting the bigotry they have endured also supports and fights for the LGB community.

Current Knitting

I decided to try a new design idea. I saw a photo on-line from one of my favorite weavers, John Mularkey.

Mularkey ZigZag Weaving

I really liked the zig-zag motif in the first and third woven panels. I wanted to try and replicate it in simple knitting.

Tall ZigZag Scarf 06-25-20 01

It needs blocking to even out my stitches. And while blocking it will make it lay a bit more flat, it won’t fix all the curling. Ideally, mine would also have to be wider to get a similar visual aesthetic as the weaving.

I will try to put a border around it to fix the curling. And if I like it well enough, I may try and do it again with a wider scarf.

Even if I scrap the whole idea, it was fun experimenting.

4 comments on “How Transphobic Are We?

  1. Thank you for bringing the Netflix documentary to my attention. I will be watching this evening. I am a Proud mom and surrogate parent to my child’s friends and thought I was pretty “woke.” Over the past weeks I realize I was mistaking my complacency for openness and acceptance. I have plenty of unconscious biases to work on.
    Stay well.

  2. not at all, thank you very much. strongest argment against trans or any lgbtq being a deliberate choice, is would you as teenager voluntarily accept the trauma and abuse and isolation that is the story of most teenagers or even adults struggling with these issues. makes about as much sense as hating someone for the color of their skin. thse are things one cannot choose, cannot change. the answer is kindness; just freaking be as kind as you can

  3. I love the posts that challenge us all to reach beyond our humanity. Raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis, where the LGBTQ community thrives, it wasn’t an issue. And that was how we were taught to see sexuality—not an issue. Thank Georgia O’Keefe and a classical education. It’s important but not a limiting characteristic.

    Vicki’s comment above about complacency was convicting. I’ve thought long and hard and landed here: if a person is hurting and it’s connected to their sexual identity—I’m happy to listen, be supportive and connect them to people and resources. My LGBTQ community is made up of generally healthy, well adjusted folks in stable relationships. I feel strongly that they are as entitled to equal rights, beyond just bathrooms.

    Persecution is not particular about it’s targets—race, sexuality, religion, it doesn’t matter. If we made the world a more welcoming place for everyone , many pf these issues would go away. Coming to terms with one’s sexuality can be a heartbreaking process, a raw experience never forgotten.

    Changing the worldview about sex in general would be a great place to start.

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