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Adding Insult To Injury

Yes, it’s a 1st World problem. I recognize that. But when I fail twice at designing a new knitting pattern and then go back to a never-fail pattern that…well, fails, that’s when it goes from insult to injury.

At What Point Is It Adding Insult to Injury?

Yes, the four feet of yellow scarf sucked.  Even when I tried to make it better with an edging.  It got ripped out.

I tried doing a similar zig-zag motif by knitting it lengthwise.  It also sucked. It got ripped out.

With all that frustration, I went back to a reliable, no-fail design, the Knitted Cross-Stitch Scarf and cast on 320 stitches. I even used two no-fail yarns to make sure I succeeded. The Uneek Fingering and the Ball and Skein Glissade yarn in colorway Iris.

WTF?!?! It looked like shit.

I have made dozens of the Knitted Cross Stitch Scarfs. Every type of variegated, self-striping and/or self-patterning yarn works with it. It’s like the magical scarf design. I also can’t say enough about Uneek Fingering yarns. The colors are interesting and gorgeous.

But not this time. My trusty pattern and trusty yarns failed me a third time.

Another ripping adventure.

I’d have considered taking up Duplicate Bridge if COVID-19 didn’t really prevent me from working toward a Life Master designation.

But I guess who would I be if I wasn’t a knitter?

Current Knitting

Like all good knitters, I persevered and found a different yarn to go with the Glissade. I used Cascade Heritage Paints sock yarn in colorway 9936 and cast on another 320 stitches.

Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf 06-29-20 02

FINALLY! Some level of success.  It’s not awesome, but it’s definitely successful.

Duplicate Bridge will have to wait.

2 comments on “Adding Insult To Injury

  1. It looks fantastic!! What’s that old saying….That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger? I don’t always believe it, but it helps me when I’m out the otherside.

  2. You can take up duplicate bridge after the pandemic, and still knit. Now, to be a life master takes tournament points, and that requires travel. Not a bad holiday.

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