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Crocheted Into A Corner

How hard could it be to convert a crochet scarf into an infinity scarf? Brilliant idea for reducing yarn-ends to weave in, right? Until I find myself crocheted into a corner.

Have You Ever Been Crocheted Into A Corner?

I am terrible at games like chess and Go that require me to think ahead multiples steps. I would get so excited at what looked like a brilliant move in chess, only to hear the words “check mate” three moves later.

Designing with yarn is a similar experience for me.

You’ve all seen my Interlocking Crochet Scarf pattern.

Each one of those lengthwise color stripes has two yarn ends to weave in.

So, recently, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to re-design this garment as an infinity scarf, and just carry the unused yarns up through the mesh. Then I would only have two ends per color to weave in. Brilliant, right?

Not so much. This design requires the you do a very long string of chain stitches and weave them through the gaps in the prior stripe. Then, you lock them in place with four half double-crochets. And at the same time, you’re creating the gap for the next stripe to weave into.

Uh…Joe…you realize you can’t weave in a string of chains that is connected to the prior row of that color, right?

<heavy sigh>

I still like the idea of a circular scarf in this stitch pattern. It just won’t be any easier to weave in the ends.

I’ll live with that.

Current Crochet/Knitting

I have three WsIP.

The Interlocking Crochet Scarf.

This one stalled a bit when I had to get myself out of the corner I painted myself into.

The Fight On Project Bag

This one I stalled on purpose so I could re-energize myself to work on it. After finishing the two sides, I needed a rest from it.

The Little Hearts Wrap

Little Hearts Wrap 07-20-20 02

I put most of my efforts into this project over the weekend. I’m still loving this simple stitch pattern. The color is also still incredibly satisfying. I think I’ll like this garment when it’s finished.

12 comments on “Crocheted Into A Corner

  1. The green one look like hearts. I love the interlaced chain and the idea of infinity scarf what if it was a more lateral or a diagonal design. Could long ends be left to then crochet the interlaced lattice affect to attach the infinity together? Each color would attach to the color above at the color change after if I have it right you would leave a tail from first color group then at the end of group color 2 you would pick up first color to loop the chain lattice.

  2. They are beautiful, but i would screw it all up. All tho i luv to crochet & knit i can only do the basic & i also need help starting it up and that’s when i call my friend debbie. So yes I’ve been in a corner but hidding…lol

  3. What is the name of this “Little heart” stich? It looks beautiful and simple, please let me know how I can do it?

  4. On your painted into a corner you could do 2 different options where you would not have anything to tuck in. 1. leave your ends much longer, let them be fringe or 2. Leave them longer and braid them down the side

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