A Beautiful Man - johnhawkes end of sentence

A Beautiful Man

John Hawkes is a beautiful man and has fascinated me ever since I first saw him in shows like Deadwood. And more recently, I loved him in End of Sentence.

What Makes A Beautiful Man?

Yes, looks play an important part for me in assessing beauty. But it’s also presences. And self-confidence.  Talent also plays a part.

In the movie, End of Sentence, John Hawkes plays a father/husband/widower who is trying to reconnect with his son. He is also trying to fulfill his wife’s last request about her remains.  The movie isn’t perfect, but it’s got plenty in it to make it worth watching. The best part is John Hawke. What an amazing portrayal of a man who wants to love his son but doesn’t quite know how. I have never seen an actor embody a troubled man with baggage quite as well as Hawke does in this movie.

Current Knitting

The Fight On Project Bag kept calling to me, so I’ve decided to try and finish it this week.

Fight On Drawstring Backpack Project Bag 07-26-20 01

I’m almost finished with the ribbing at the top of the bag.

Fight On Drawstring Backpack Project Bag 07-26-20 02

This ribbed tube will hold the drawstring at the top of the backpack. Now I have to work on the embroidery. Which is the task that I find most daunting. Wish me luck.

I also added a couple of rows to the Little Hearts Wrap.

Little Hearts Wrap 07-26-20 02

I can’t work on the two projects without washing my hands very thoroughly. The black yarn in the backpack is dyed black and the dye runs and covers my hands when I work on it. So I may not finish Little Hearts this week.

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