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What’s Happening Here – July

Do you ever see something interesting or odd and make up stories about “what’s happening here”? A new monthly series on QueerJoe will ask you to make shit up.

What’s Happening Here? You Decide

Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to decide on what is happening in the feature photo. You chance upon the scenario above and try and figure out why…how…what the fuck?

This idea came about on a bicycle ride the other day. We were crossing over the Delaware River into New Jersey. I looked over the bridge railing into the shallow Delaware River.

New Hope Free Bridge Railing

At the bottom of the river was a beautiful, shiny bicycle.  You can imagine all the scenarios that went through my head about why the bicycle was down there.  I realized that Thaddeus and I played this game often. We would guess about scenarios that would explain something we’d chance upon that seemed odd. Or mysterious.

For this month’s version of What’s Happening Here, you can posit about either the feature photo, or the bicycle at the bottom of the river scenario. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of the bicycle. And it was gone the following day.

Does anyone else make shit up about situations like this?

Current Knitting

As I noted on Monday, I’ve been focusing a lot of attention on the Fight On Project Bag. I started the hardest part, the BLM embroidery.

Fight On Drawstring Backpack Project Bag 07-28-20 01

I figured once I had the black outline/shadowing completed, the red and whit sections would be easy. Hopefully that will be a success plan. I also finished the embroidery of the lines in the fist.  Since the black yarn was bleeding dye, I opted to wash the pieces before adding the red and white embroidery.

Fight On Drawstring Backpack Project Bag 07-28-20 02

I’m also almost finished with the Little Heart Wrap. I should have a finished object on Friday’s blog entry.



6 comments on “What’s Happening Here – July

  1. Here’s my theory: the garden belongs to a couple, one is a star trek ng fan and the other is star trek os fan. The OS fan said that goes or I go. NG fan sadly agrees to put it away but gets no further than the garden path. Daily the bust is dumped under the trees by one and rescued by the other. You never noticed it before because it was always under the trees when you passed by.

  2. At least three times that I know of, holographic technology has accidentally created fully actualized sentient beings. In each instance, an intentional action was the catalyst for an unintended consequence. The first time this happened the malfunction was caused by the Analogue instrument meter (the A-gage), the second time it was the digital instrument meter (the D-gage) that failed.
    The scene pictured here is the reverse situation. A holographic malfunction of one of the gages has created an insentient being. In this instance, the holodeck gage that failed was the N-gage.

  3. So, I’m a circus performer, the big tent was closed for CV19 cleaning. Yet i still needed to practice… i thought travelling the top rail over the bridge would be a fine opportunity on such a beautiful summer day. I had been practicing for over an hour, all was well. Then it happened. A tourist walk by wearing a gorgeously knit silk wisper of a shawl, my concentration shattered into a million pieces…. you know what happened next…

  4. The lunatic who rode her bicycle into the canal was most certainly taking the psycho-path. At any rate, do you know the moment when the bicycle was no longer a bicycle? When it turned into the canal!

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