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Almost A Double FO Day

Between Wednesday and today, I almost had TWO finished objects.  And no, FO doesn’t stand for “Fight On”. Yes, it was almost a double FO blog day.

Benefits of Almost A Double FO Day

I guess I should be grateful that I will be able to stretch out the finished objects. There can be two blog entries instead of just one for my current projects. But it was so close, I kept thinking I’d have both to show you.

But then I screwed up the embroidery on the Fight On Project Bag. I have no patience for embroidery. I should carefully pick out anything with which I’m dissatisfied as I go along. But no. I keep engaging in magical, hopeful thinking.  That no one will notice. But then when it’s all said and done, it looked like shit (even worse than how it turned out). So I went back and picked out a ton of mistakes and tried fixing it as best I could.

I’m still not thrilled with the result. And I definitely still hate embroidery.

Fortunately, I put in a lot of work to have my current finished object.

And I am thrilled to have done this project. It satisfies both my enjoyment of a new and interesting project as well as my sense of justice for a good cause.

I highly recommend it (even if you opt not to do the embroidery part on the back).

Current Knitting

I present to you the finished Fight On Project Bag!

Fight On Drawstring Backpack Project Bag 07-30-20 01

Fight On Drawstring Backpack Project Bag 07-30-20 02

I went with a red cord (to complement the little bit of bad embroidery). It looks fantastic holding some yarn for an upcoming project too.

Fight On Drawstring Backpack Project Bag 07-30-20 03

And even heading out for a hike (with my hiking socks), it works well as a drawstring backpack.

Fight On Drawstring Backpack Project Bag 07-30-20 03

I’ll let you wait until Monday for the other almost-finished project.  Have a good, just weekend and get into some good trouble my friends.

3 comments on “Almost A Double FO Day

    1. Thanks Pru…I’m thrilled the designer (Dario Tubiana) came up with this and so glad to have included it in my projects. The designer is a very talented embroiderer and uses embroidery in his work often. I would need a lot more practice to meet my normal knitting standards!

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