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Misty and Productive Morning

Thaddeus and I have always been grateful that we live in such a beautiful place.  Thought I’d share our view on this misty and productive morning.

What Makes for Misty and Productive Morning

First of all, even though Tropical Storm Isaias passed through our town and was gone by about 5:00 PM yesterday evening.  But the short power outages and brown-outs continued on for the next 12 hours.  The last one was at 3:40 AM and somehow switched the direction of the ceiling fan in our bedroom.  My mind was racing, so I ended up getting out of bed around 4:30.

Then I worked on finishing up the knitted bear I’ve been working on. You’ll see below that I made a lot of progress.

Finally, a quick bike ride and then off for lunch with a friend in Princeton.

I also did some work on a web site I help maintain and called a friend who lives about 20 minutes from me whose town had significant damage from the storm yesterday.

It’s nice feeling productive and filled with energy. Even if it is mostly the caffein from my morning latte keeping me going.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

There were more comments on the post from Monday than any I’ve had in a long time.  I’ve responded directly to comments where I felt it was important. But mostly, I wanted to thank everyone for having a civil discussion. Especially in times where life is a bit more anxiety-filled than usual.

Current Knitting

As noted above, I did get some additional work finished on the stuffed bear I started this weekend.

Charlie Bear 08-05-20 01

Head, ears, legs, body and one arm knitted. One more arm and a little sewing up to go.

I really love the face on this bear.

Charlie Bear 08-05-20 02

It’s not perfect (because I suck at embroidery), but I like the imperfection.

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