Keep Sight of Purpose - Georgia Comment 08-10-20

Keep Sight of Purpose

Two comments from a reader regarding the Ravelry response have been excellent demonstrations of ways not to act. Keep sight of purpose people!

“When the goal is in sight, you’re much more highly motivated to work toward it. So no matter how far away the goal is, keep it in sight and keep moving enthusiastically toward it. When you can see that you’re making progress, you are naturally encouraged to make more progress.”

How To Keep Sight of Purpose

When friends ask me for guidance, I often ask them what they want. What is their goal? Keeping that in mind often helps them act consistent with reaching that goal.

In Georgia’s case, it’s difficult to assess exactly what they’re looking for. There are two comments from Georgia. Neither of which states what they hope to achieve.

First of all, let me be clear. I am glad to be an ally for accessibility rights. If you need something from Ravelry, and I can help, please ask.

Comments as a Lesson

In Georgia’s latest comment, there are a number of issues:

  1. “I don’t consider Ravelry to be a villain.” Then why demonize them and your allies in this fight. “Intolerant” “verbally abusive” “not willing to take the time to research” Not words I’d use to try to get someone on my side.
  2. Mischaracterizing others words – Georgia seemingly goes out of their way to take offense. I never wrote “just be nice”. I never said (nor do I believe) that disability rights aren’t civil rights.
  3. What do you want? Can I help? How can we make this better for you and others like you. If you’re just trying to help people understand the frustration you feel with this issue, you’ve made that clear. Nothing more is needed. If you need me or the readers here to help, let us know how. Just know that you’re only request of me changing my opinion of Ravelry wasn’t something I found would be useful. In fact, it seemed counterproductive to achieving any change.

Perhaps it’s me who’s taking your comments too personally. It’s me who is taking offense too easily. But I’d like to keep the message of my original blog post clear:

“For the 4th category, I would suggest a less extreme response to the changes than I’ve been seeing. Accusing them of being ableist and hating on those with painful conditions doesn’t help you get your valuable tool back.  Keep working with them in a civil way and hopefully, you’ll get a Ravelry that you can use. Focus on getting what you want. Not alienating the only folks that can help you get it.”

WHAT DO WE WANT?!?!  The hell if I know! WHEN DO WE WANT IT?!?! Now????

Current Knitting

With the completion of the bear, I’ve focused a bit more on the Waterline Shawl and started a new cowl project.

Waterline Shawl 08-10-20 02

The Waterline Shawl is moving along. I’m about to start the next short-row wedge, and I’m liking how it’s looking very much.

I’ve been watching the progress of a knitting friend’s linen stitch cowl recently. I’m bastardizing his design to see how a different yarn would work in linen stitch.

Linen Stitch Corded Cowl 08-10-20 02

So far, his version is much nicer. But I’ll continue on with my version anyway.

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