Knitting With QueerJoe Episode 9 08-15-20

Another QueerJoe Confession

It seems I confess often here on QueerJoe. I guess I’m still a recovering catholic.

Watch and listen all about it in this short (9 minute) episode of “Knitting With QueerJoe.

4 comments on “Another QueerJoe Confession

  1. Oh dear . . . when this fellow recovering Catholic heard “confession,” I feared the worst! For your penance, you must say one “Our Daddy” and three “Hail Judy’s.”

    Here’s my confession:
    Bless me, Joseph, for I have sinned. I switched increase methods in the middle of knitting “Seashell.”

  2. I’ll confess I hate ripping out anything. I will leave a nearly finished project sitting for years when a few rows should be ripped out if not the whole project. However I am proud to say I ripped two projects out this week. One was a sweater I am making without a pattern and it is going much better. The other were bands I was going to put on a baby blanket when I decided I needed the length rather than the width so have reknit all the yarn pulled out for one strip and have 2″ added to one end. Using your hearts pattern and will tell the full story another time.

    Another confession — I have nearly 11,000 patterns in my Ravelry library. Is that too many? And think I might have enough yarn to knit them all. Or did before I started a major attack. Oh well, I enjoy having them and let the kids worry about cleaning it out.
    Take care, stay healthy, keep knitting and blogging/video making.

  3. Thank you for posting this! I’m a self-taught knitter with no knitting community. I’ve learned everything from books and youtube. Things like ripping out and repairing stitches are so intimidating to me. It really helps to hear from such an experienced knitter that I’m not alone in that.

    I’m very happy to have found your blog!

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