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First Step – Return To Normalcy?

What would your first step to a return to normalcy look like? As some places are learning how to manage a COVID pandemic, we start to emerge.

Hate Mentioning Return To Normalcy

What happens when a U.S. government official mentions the beginning of returning to normalcy? People take that as, EVERYTHING IS BACK TO BEFORE COVID!


It means some aspects of life can be relaxed. But many precautions need to remain in place.

With that being said, it looks like the first post-COVID Men’s Knitting Retreat will be taking place at the end of next month.

Because the State of New York has done such a great job of fighting, COVID, the retreat is ON!

With precautions.

Instead of 35 guys, we will only be allowing 20 guys to attend.  Each guy will get his own room. Social distancing and masks will be practiced. As many activities as weather will allow will be held outside.

Plus, Easton Mountain has put many safety measures in place. Facilities cleaning/maintenance, food preparation and symptom monitoring are all on the list.

One of the other precautions is one that I am personally taking. I won’t be able to attend this retreat. Aaron will be fully in charge of this event.  I’m honestly having a lot of difficulty letting go. I know the retreat will be as safe as it can possibly be. But Thaddeus and I have both agreed that we need to make some sacrifices to ensure this virus gets under control everywhere.

I can’t tell you how much I will miss being at the Men’s Knitting Retreat. It will be the first one in 14 years that I’ve missed being at.

It is what it is.

Current Knitting

As I noted in the last blog, I was able to finish the Waterline Shawl!

Waterline Shawl 08-19-20 01

Waterline Shawl 08-19-20 02

Waterline Shawl 08-19-20 03

It’s about six foot long (point to point), which is bigger than I expected it to be.  I love how this beauty turned out. The strong graphics are particularly nice looking, no?

I also re-started work on the Linen Stitch Cowl.

Linen Stitch Corded Cowl 08-19-20 01

Please don’t tell me that it looks like I haven’t done anything since the last progress photo.  It’s only been a week, and I did focus most of my attention on Waterline!

Linen Stitch Corded Cowl 08-19-20 02

Plus, I have the other secret project that made a little progress too!

2 comments on “First Step – Return To Normalcy?

  1. I don’t like the term “return to normalcy.” The US was far from “normal” when this started. Can be call it a “beginning of a better nation?”

  2. My return to normalcy is looking for work, one of many thousands who have to do so while our Prime Minister has gone awol yet again!

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