5 comments on “I Still Like Fridays

  1. Great to see more of your work and that beautiful wooded path. The Linen Stitch Cowl looks wonderful. Nice to get your thoughts on the stitch.

  2. Joe, I taught for 30 years, so Fridays and Sundays had special places in my life. I regarded Fridays much the same as everyone else, but Sunday afternoons were an agony, planning for the coming week and catching up on what didn’t get done the previous week. I was retired about 3 years before the Sunday “agony” went away, but I still feel energized by Friday. Love the photo of the woods!

  3. Thank you for the beautiful photos. I am still working and I am a funeral director. The saying within in our profession is “There are no days off in funeral directing.” That is certainly a bit of sarcasm. It only feels that way. πŸ˜”πŸ˜‰ Often, our Friday may be a Tuesday!
    However, I relate strongly to missing the back to school season of excitement and possibilities. I always love cruising the back to school aisles. I only recently discovered the linen stitch and I am a bit obsessed with it right now. The cowl is lovely.

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