Color Haunts Me - Colorful Fingering Weight Yarns

Colors Haunt Me

Instead of “colors haunt me,” it’s really more like I dream of colors. But sometimes those colors aren’t my favorite combinations. Yet, the combinations persist somehow.

Recent Example of How Colors Haunt Me

I mentioned a number of times how the recent cowl I finished weren’t in my favorite colors.

Linen Stitch Corded Cowl 08-21-20 02

I’m not a huge fan of orange, especially with brown and yellow. Even the light aqua highlights in this yarn didn’t help make this colorway appealing to me. Then someone pointed out how prevalent these unappealing colorways were in my daily knitting.

This is a typical morning for me.

QueerJoe Knitting On Living Room Couch 08-24-20

Notice anything familiar about the afghan on the back of that couch?

Colors Haunt Me 08-24-20

Even in the random hanks of fingering weight yarn in the feature photo, there are WAY too many yarns with orange, brown and yellow in them.  Who bought those yarns?!?!

Suffice it to say, I’ve kept away from those colors in my most recent WsIP.

Current Knitting

I decided to build up craft show inventory for West Coast Watchcaps. In case I ever get to be among the public again.

West Coast Watchcap 08-23-20 01

Ahhhh…Noro colors…I love how they mix unusual colors in a very appealing way.

I finished two hats and started a third.

West Coast Watchcap 08-23-20 04

It’s strange and wonderful how my hands enjoy knitting these colors. But I still can’t make a hat look good modeling it myself.

West Coast Watchcap 08-23-20 05

I will try and bang out a dozen or so hats. I’m not sure how many I currently have in inventory. But I sell quite a few of these simple hats, so I can never have too many.

3 comments on “Colors Haunt Me

  1. Boy you whipped through those hats! I never bang out anything….On the slow side…Anyway. Wonderful.
    Not a big fan of orange either but I have a new appreciation for it thanks to GGmadeit. She knows how to get the best out of the color! I like the oranges in your creations.

  2. I once told someone that green was not my favorite color. She was speechless as she looked from chair to couch to rug to my shirt. She said, that’s a joke, right?

  3. The right orange and grey can work, it takes the dullness out of the grey.
    I struggle with green. It’s probably a throw back to school, when our uniform was a grey skirt, bottle green sweater and socks, and a tie of bottle green, grey and red.
    How could you do that to a child!?

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