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Under hooded eyelids, my trusty espresso machine greets me each morning. The pareidolia effect of putting a face to my favorite machine is comforting.

What’s Your Favorite Expression of Pareidolia?

I can still remember lying in bad at night as a child. As I waited for sleep to come, I would see the myriad of faces in the wood-grain of my bedroom door.  It was particularly easy in the haze of night-time darkness.

Like many things, I didn’t realize it was such a popular past-time for humans.

When I see faces in a bathtub fixture. Or in the grommets on a canvas bag. It still brings pleasure. I will sometimes think how easy it would be to create a cartoon character from the newfound face.

What faces greet you in the morning or throughout your day?

Current Crocheting

There are so many contradictions in my current crochet shawl project.  The pattern is written in a way that’s complex to read and follow. But once I understood what they instructions meant, it’s a rather simple pattern to execute. I’m also not a very fast crocheter, but I’m enjoying working on this project. I also can’t crochet without looking at my work. So recent subtitled movies have slowed down my progress.

April Showers Shawl 08-28-20 02

Despite all the competing contradictions, I love this shawl pattern.  It’s April Showers Shawl by Erica Fedor.  Her pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, a 5.5mm hook and fringe.  I’m using light fingering weight yarn, a 5 mm hook and it won’t have fringe.

Believe it or not, the scarf is about 72″ wide (and getting narrower as I continue).

And I just love the silver color of this yarn (100% wool).

But I don’t see any faces in the stitch pattern.

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  1. The shawl looks fantastic and love the color. Fred sees faces everywhere. A crumpled paper bag, a dishtowel tossed on a hook, etc., will often prompt him to sketch the face he is seeing. He has even sculpted puppet head based on something that suggested a face.

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