Natural Habitat - QueerJoe Crocheting 08-30-20

Natural Habitat

Where do you typically knit (or crochet)? QueerJoe’s natural habitat is either on the couch in the living room, or in the chair in the t.v. room.

Upstairs/Downstairs Natural Habitat

It’s been mentioned a few times that I try to keep upstairs projects and downstairs projects. Since there are three floors in my townhouse, the upstairs is the living room. And the downstairs is the television room.

Natural Habitat Downstairs TV Room Chair

Downstairs is my favorite spot. You’ll see I have tons of tools and yarn surrounding my seat. Plus, I get most of my knitting done there. I honestly can’t imagine how anyone can just watch television without doing something else.

If you’d like to see a VERY exciting video of me crocheting for two and a half minutes, here you go:

In these days of distancing myself from others, I feel like my habits are tailor-made for it.

Love to see/read about where you do your yarn-crafting.

Current Knitting/Crochet

I found myself comfortable downstairs before I realized my one crochet project was upstairs.  I didn’t feel like getting up, so I finished the latest West Coast Watch Cap and started a second one.

Even with a tan, I can still make a hat look crappy just by wearing it.

QueerJoe West Coast Watch Cap 08-30-20 01

But I am making progress on my April Showers Shawl.

My version starts out with 32 repeats and reduces as the shawl gets narrower and narrower.

April Showers Shawl 08-30-20 02

I’ve done 8 repeats, so I have 24 more to go.  But even reducing the number by only 8, I’m starting to finish each two-row repeat a little faster.  And it’s going to be a beautiful shawl when it’s finished.

7 comments on “Natural Habitat

  1. I knit in the guest bedroom in front of the TV, sitting on the bed with my back against the headboard, legs stretched out. Much like your posture on the couch. Done it that way for most of my life. Carson Demers would be appalled!

  2. In good weather I knit or crochet on my front porch. My son Zane is 14 and is learning new classical pieces on the piano. Having that in the background is absolutely beautiful and amazing.

  3. I’m usually in the kitchen. Sometimes outside. We live on the second floor, by the water. This time of year, with a cool morning and a breeze off the water, knitting on the porch is a joy.
    Great to see you tool box and set up. Got a kick out of the description of your video as “VERY exciting.” Beautiful hat and colors.

  4. I’ll knit anywhere, Doctor’s waiting rooms, on trains. My favourite place is on the Living room sofa, with something good on the tv or radio and I tend to hold my knitting high up, as there is usually a Jack Russell on my lap!

  5. It used to be on the sofa next to hubby. Then we got a golden retriever puppy. It’s either hide or knit during his naps.

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