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Simple Pleasures

Along with every human trial often comes some simple pleasures that can help offset the pain. I never expected I would get excited about a quick jaunt to the Apple Store, but there it is.

Simple Pleasures Like Grocery Shopping

First of all, don’t get me wrong. These simple pleasures in NO WAY make up for this shitbag POTUS, the dire consequences of COVID-19 and people hurting all over the World with the economic crisis and job loss.

But it has been unexpected how gleeful I get when I know I’m going to be out an about among people. Even when it’s behind masks and 2 meters away from any of them.

We got to go to the Apple Store yesterday to help a friend upgrade his iPhone. It seemed like a joyous and celebratory day. And it didn’t even involve cake!

Yes, I get excited planning for a trip to Costco or my local grocery store as well. Just knowing that the possibility exists that I’ll get to be out among others, gets me feeling happy.

I don’t hide my head in the sand about all that’s going wrong. And I don’t mean to be a Pollyanna about life.  But I will enjoy the times that please me.

Current Crochet

I have focused solely on the April Showers Crochet Shawl.

April Showers Shawl 09-02-20 01

It will end up being about 6 feet long (at the top). It’s about halfway finished and I’m starting to feel the rows getting shorter and shorter.

It’s looking good even before blocking. And that’s saying something for lace!

5 comments on “Simple Pleasures

  1. I know what you mean! My husband had his car’s oil changed this morning, so we had breakfast at Panera, outdoors, and did our grocery shopping at a DIFFERENT store than usual! Felt like a vacation! Simple pleasures indeed. Beautiful crochet shawl. I can’t imagine counting that initial crochet chain.

  2. One Sunday afternoon, I realized I’d skipped lunch, so I decided to take a jaunt to the next town to get a biscuit from a drive-through, just to get out of the area. I missed the exit, so ended up going a few towns further. Then realized one of my favorite bookstores was open–they were using good precautions and had an “all you can stuff in a basket for $30” sale. It felt great to get out of town!

    And cake is always appropriate!

  3. Just had a root canal at my dentist in Chelsea NYC. Felt like a mini-vacation destination. However, the novocaine hasn’t worn off yet…

  4. I understand completely. School started this week. The planning paid off. All the safety procedures were in place. The kids were great. I got to have wonderful interactions with colleagues. It was just wonderful! I didn’t even notice the new Trump sign on yet another neighbor’s lawn, much…

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