Anticipation Rocky Horror


As with recent “outings” during COVID-life, I need to have things to which I look forward. Fortunately, anticipation for music from my favorite musical artist has paid off this week.

Namoli Knows My Name - CD Cover

Anticipation Satisfaction

I know some of you have never heard of Namoli Brennet.  And I highly recommend that you check out her music. While you can’t get her newest collection, “Light It Up”, she has a whole catalog of music you can enjoy immediately.  Then you will most likely get her latest release when it’s out publicly.

Each time she starts a new project, she uses Kickstarter to finance it. And I sign up each time, because I want to be one of the first to listen to her new work.  Plus, she always includes some “extras” in the Kickstarter gift.

Namoli Knows My Name - CD Open

I got a sticker. AND a personalized autograph!  Namoli knows my name!

Having gotten to hear Namoli in-person a number of times makes me enjoy her music all the more. I can hear her personality in her recorded music. I know that’s not as easy for those who listen to a recording for the first time. So, I’ll be interested to know if you can hear how fun, playful and full-of-soul her music is when you listen.

Current Crochet

Two crochet projects to discuss. First off, I finished the April Showers Shawl!

April Showers Shawl 09-06-20 03

April Showers Shawl 09-06-20 04

It ended up being over six feet wide. And it’s also quite warm and lightweight.

April Showers Shawl 09-06-20 01

I really love how it turned out. I will be washing this garment and wet-blocking it. But even with light steam-blocking, it really looks fantastic.

Since I finished the shawl project, I thought I’d try another allegedly simple crochet project.  I saw this on my Pinterest feed.


It takes me to an advertisement filled website, which eventually puts a shitty, bare-bones pattern about 7 pages down.

Anyway, after multiple attempts, I was finally able to get a flat circle going.

Bulky Crochet Basket Bag 09-07-30 01

I’m not so thrilled with this not-so-simple design. The yarns are a mass tangle. The broomstick hook makes me feel like I’m using carpentry tools. And it’s a LOT of crochet even though it uses the equivalent of bulky yarn. We’ll see if I proceed with this.

Bulky Crochet Basket Bag 09-07-30 02

It’s still only 12″ in diameter!

What are you working on this Labor/Labour Day Holiday weekend (here in North America)?

2 comments on “Anticipation

  1. I got the April Showers pattern to try Someday (when Someday arrives, I won’t get any sleep for all my stashed patterns!). I’ll be interested to see if you persevere with the crocheted basket; I’ve not had much luck with yarn that comes stranded — I’ve usually ended up separating it and plying it as I work with it. I’m working on lots of crochet this weekend. I turned in a prayer shawl (red, hot cross buns pattern) on Saturday. I’m almost done with another one (I call the pattern bookshelves — all DC, all rows done through the back look — adapted from a pattern that didn’t work in SC) using a bulky yarn with 6.5mm hook. On Saturday I got to see pictures of a friend’s new grandson and I got yarn (navy and gold, à la King Tut) to start a brick stitch blanket for the little prince. I’ve had to work a little bit over the long weekend, but I have enjoyed having some large blocks of needlework time this weekend.

  2. The shawl is beautiful and the basket is really neat! I had never heard of Namoli Brennet. She reminds me of a favorite folk singer.

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