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What Is The Maximum Limit of Support You Can Give?

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram and thought to yourself, “I have ‘liked’ enough posts…any more would be too many.” Have you ever reached the maximum limit of support?

Infinite Limit of Support

When it comes to supporting your friends and loved ones, I would suggest that your capacity to support is unlimited. And extending your support widely doesn’t dilute it in any way.

Don’t get me wrong. Self care is critical. You can’t support others if you aren’t taking good care of yourself. And maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there is a maximum limit. Or maybe there should be.

But I’ve watched really great parents model this for me. You all will tirelessly and limitlessly support your children. Don’t think I haven’t noticed even though I’m not a parent.

Extrapolate that endless supply to any community you value and see how it works.

Going back to Instagram, I don’t “heart” every post in my feed. That would make my hearting somewhat meaningless. And I have had the thought…”I’m fresh out of ‘hearts’ for any more posts.”  And then I acknowledge the fallacy of that thought and continue to support my friends and loved ones.

I am aware that I am late to this concept. Many of you (especially the parents) have long known this wisdom. For you, I hope it’s a reminder that even in unique and difficult times, we can reach deep and offer love and support without limit.

Current Knitting

With the support and encouragement of my Zoom knitting guys, I have finished the Crosstalk Scarf.

Crosstalk Scarf 09-16-20 01 Crosstalk Scarf 09-16-20 05

Isn’t it a beauty?!?

Crosstalk Scarf 09-16-20 02 Crosstalk Scarf 09-16-20 03 Crosstalk Scarf 09-16-20 04 Crosstalk Scarf 09-16-20 QueerJoe 02 Crosstalk Scarf 09-16-20 09

There are some folks who seem concerned about the reverse side of the scarf. Here’s what mine looks like.

Crosstalk Scarf 09-16-20 Reverse 06

Crosstalk Scarf 09-16-20 Reverse 07

A few things I’ll say about the reverse:

  1. I like the look. The small amount of stranded colorwork floats make the backside interesting. Especially with the high-contrast colorways of yarn being used. It’s definitely not as interesting as the public-facing side, but I’d be glad to show off either side whilst wearing it.
  2. The length of the scarf would easily allow you to wear the scarf in ways that would never show the reverse if you didn’t like it.
  3. The uniqueness of this pattern would make it way too complex for most knitters to design this in a way that it was reversible. And you’re going to enjoy how clever this pattern is, you won’t even give a shit about the back.  Just the interlocking color cables alone are ingenious.

8 comments on “What Is The Maximum Limit of Support You Can Give?

  1. I don’t have to feign being supportive about that scarf! Fantastic. Wonderful photo of it and the one of you wearing it. Selfie? Another talent!
    Jamie’s design looks is great with those colors too. Best wishes!

  2. Yes! Trying to ‘❤️‘ every post does dilute. I ‘❤️‘ the ones that “spark joy” (thanks Marie), or the ones that tug at my heart. I do believe on one hand that love is infinite but on the other ‘hand’ it is heavy with the feelings of inadequacy or fear. Once we ‘clear’ our minds and hearts of burdens of fear the watch out! the Love and Light shines!!

  3. Thank you for the photo of the reverse of the scarf. My preference is that the reverse side of a scarf be attractive enough to show off, too, because as we move so do scarves. This suits the bill. I bet it will be sensational in more muted un-dyed wool. I love your colors and I bet this would sell well at one of your annual shows. Plus it looks like a stash buster. Well done!

  4. Thank you for showing the back! I always like knowing what the reverse side looks like. I find it a failing of many stitch dictionaries.

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