Voting Is Critically Important

It’s like yelling into a silo of like-minded people.  But if this blog entry makes one more person consider that voting is critically important, then it will be worth it.

It’s Intuitive to Some How Voting is Critically Important

Thaddeus, I’m convinced has some paranormal power. Early on in the election cycle, he began liking a candidate in our area. Ann Marie something-or-other. I didn’t pay attention. But he felt compelled to donate to her campaign.

I figured she must be a local candidate. She sent a “thank-you” postcard. Ann Marie seemed to connect to Thaddeus in a personal way. She really did seem concerned about his vote and his support.

Last night, it became clear that Thaddeus’ intuition about Ann Marie might be very important.

The candidate’s name is Ann Marie Mitchell.

She is running to become my district’s Pennsylvania State Representative. She’s running against the Republican incumbent, Wendi Thomas.

Why is this important? It appears that Pennsylvania might be a key State for the upcoming national election. It also appears that the Republican-led State Legislature (including Wendi Thomas) is trying to give themselves the ability to interfere with our State’s voting in a few weeks by creating a so-called “Election Integrity Committee.” This committee gives them the ability to subpoena ballots and poll workers. If they can muddy the waters of this election enough, they will be able to bypass the will of Pennsylvanians and send their own electors to the Electoral College.

Are your eyes glazing over?  Sorry. But this has a lot more to do than just with Pennsylvanians. I could literally give the election to Trump.

If you’re a Pennsylvanian:

  • Please call and/or e-mail your State Representative (find out who they are here –
  • Please support your Democratic candidate for PA State House of Representatives. The Republicans have been a nightmare for this State and this is just the latest example.
  • If you can, donate to  your Democratic candidate for PA State House of Representatives.

If you’re American, but not a Pennsylvanian:

  • Just know that Pennsylvania might not be able to carry their load in the election. Our votes may be overridden by power-hungry Republicans,
  • So, vote in your State appropriately.
  • Know that if PA passes this committee, other swing state, Republican-led legislatures will do the same thing.

For the non-Americans reading this, I apologize for the in-the-weeds discussion. But it could have a huge impact around the World. Thank you for your indulgence in today’s blog entry.

Current Knitting

I have made a lot of progress on the Hallgrim Scarf.

Hallgrim Scarf 10-02-20 02

You’ll note that I finished the VERY long section of twisted rib in the center of the scarf. Now I have a couple more cable motifs to finish.

I have a feeling Thaddeus will get this scarf when it’s complete. He seems to like it.

3 comments on “Voting Is Critically Important

  1. I have had a run in with a Republican this week. I am posting as much as I can about voting. You are so correct when you say it is more important than ever. Thanks for the clarity in what is going on in Pennsylvania. Check my Facebook if you want to know more about what happened during our monthly staff meeting on Monday.

  2. I follow the US election with growing horror, how on earth can these things happen in a democracy? I don’t really get the fuss over postal votes either, here you apply for one, it arrives postage paid, you send it off, nobody yells fraud. Lord knows what Trump would say about us voting in person – you put a cross by your choice with a pencil! You can use your own pen and they really only provide pencils because they are less likely to be stolen, but he wouldn’t like that at all.

  3. I am in New Zealand and love watching the the American politics from afar. I am finding this election particularly interesting as it is also our election year. My. Boss and I have many heated debates in regards to who should be leading our country and although they are heated they are always respectful. I am not very politically savvy but over the last few years my interest has grown hugely so it is always good to read your point of view. The thing I am mostly saying is to our young people. It doesn’t matter who you vote for – that’s your choice but please vote!!

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