QueerJoe Comes of Age! Happy Blogiversary to Me!

QueerJoe(.com) is 18 years old! It’s hard to believe, but yes, I’m now an adult. Happy Blogiversary to me.

Origins That Make a Happy Blogiversary

Original purpose of the blog: To document my knitting projects and express my thoughts on knitting, LGBTQ issues and life.

My purpose in writing this has changed. Or it’s actually revealed itself over the years. It is to help establish community.

First Blog Entry: It was a test entry to see if I could even use the complex technology to publish a blog. I was also a personal introduction to the World. It still has a link that is no longer valid to my LYS’s web site back then.

Statistics: I’ve published 2,318 blog entries (including this one) since I started. I had some help from a couple of “guest bloggers” over the years. But most of them were posted by me. There are 4,188 comments…before blogging became an antiquated form of communication, I used to have lots of commenters. I remember the early days when I had a cadre of fiercely loyal blog readers. They didn’t take kindly to people who insulted me, my blog or my knitting projects.  I’ve gotten a lot less controversial since then.

Things I’d Change: I’ve discussed this in the past, so I’ll refer you to this blog entry.

If I could just get the Supreme Court to rule that Blogs are people, this blog might even be able to vote now!

QueerJoe Updates!

On my 18th year, I’ve done two retro things to the blog:

  1. Original Pattern Re-Design: One of the first patterns I ever published on the blog was the Koigu Cross Stitch Scarf. I have revamped the design (added a chart, reformatted, changed the pattern to accommodate various sock yarns instead of Koigu, etc.).
  2. Added a Menu Option: Ask QueerJoe Anything. My original ventures into social media included an AOL chat room called “Ask A Gay Guy Anything” This is like that except it’s been broadened to include knitting questions. I’ve already responded to a couple of questions…check it out, and feel free to ask a question yourself.

Current Knitting

Added another couple of pattern repeats to the current Primordial Sworls Wrap.

Primordial Sworl Scarf 11-11-20 01

Primordial Sworl Scarf 11-11-20 02

I have to admit, this project makes me happy every time I see it.

Primordial Sworl Scarf 11-11-20 03

For those who prefer not to scroll back through blog entries: This is the Primordial Sworls Wrap using two colorways of Uneek Sock Yarn from Urth.

11 comments on “QueerJoe Comes of Age! Happy Blogiversary to Me!

  1. Congratulations, Joe, and thank you. I discovered your blog 15 years ago and have been following it faithfully since. You are a marvel.

  2. Congratulations of coming of age! I’m glad you are still here. And if this is an antiquated form of communication I’m ok with that. I still listen to music on the radio, too.

  3. Happy Belated Blog Anniversary! You were one of the very first blogs I started reading. Enjoying it still. How did it become 18 years….Time is sneaky.😏🤣

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