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Brings Joy

There are certain moments I cherish. A specific time or event that brings joy. Some days I choose to focus on that.

What Brings Joy?

So for you, when was the last time you experienced joy? To what do you attribute the feeling?

A friend of mine recommended a new iPhone app. It’s called “Mood Meter” and so far, I’m finding it useful.

Today, I woke up in a cranky mood. I also lied to myself and blamed it on others. The news, Thaddeus, morons on social media, etc.

I opened the new app (only had it since yesterday). It asked me to rate my current experience in two ways:

  • Level of Energy
  • Pleasantness

When I charted those two ratings on the app, it told me I was “Irritated.” No shit.

Then it asked, did I want to shift this feeling to something else. I did.  It told me to recall the last time I experienced joy. It also displayed a Wayne Dyer quote.

It was easy to come up with the last time I experienced joy. Last night Finn came down and to snuggle in my lap as we watched television. He completely ignored Thaddeus and only wanted to sit in my lap.

Going through this exercise made two things happen:

  1. I realized I was cranky and irritated. And it had little or nothing to do with my circumstances. I just felt cranky.
  2. It became clear I could have an impact on my feeling. Especially when I took responsibility for how I was feeling.

I’m not learning much new from this app. But I am already starting to establish seemingly healthier habits.

So, what brings you joy?

Finn Biscuits 11-13-20 01
Shortly after using the app, Finn came to make biscuits and snuggle in my lap again.

Current Knitting

As I mentioned yesterday, my current project is bringing me great joy as well.

Primordial Sworl Scarf 11-13-20 02

I haven’t added a ton more to the project since Wednesday. But I continue to enjoy both knitting it and the gorgeous yarn I’m using.

Come join me in a less cranky day today…if you will.

3 comments on “Brings Joy

  1. First, happy blogiversary!!! You and your blog have added so much to joy for knitting!

    Your wrap project is gorgeous and, after a real lull in my knitting, I am adding to two projects and enjoying the process.

    As for joy in my life, I just returned from Montreal, where I spent two weeks with my daughter after not having seen her since February. We laughed, we cried, we knitted…it was perfect!

  2. As has been true for 18 years, you are so very honest. How often do you blame our significant others for our moods. Those emotions are ours-to feel, to digest and to correct when necessary.

    You know I love Finn stories but, that feeling of triumph when you are chosen and desired above all others? Yep, gleeful win with a dash of snark. If that doesn’t give you joy, you might be the Grinch.

    I find casting on a new project brings me joy. Some many possibilities, the pattern, the texture, the color and the opportunity to be challenged in new and exciting ways. And freshwater lakes-they bring out the child inside me.

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