Autumn Arrives - Primordial Sworl Scarf 11-15-20 05a

Autumn Arrives

Despite how much I dislike the Fall, autumn arrives none the less. And it’s not for lack of warm garments that I don’t like this season.

It’s Unfair of Me to Complain When Autumn Arrives

I don’t really dislike Autumn, per se. You see, I really despise Winter. But Autumn is the indication that Winter is about to arrive.

This season has some shitty things about it on its own.  Days are getting darker. We change our clocks and lose an hour. It’s definitely getting colder. School starts up again (technically, that’s still Summer, but I used to dread the re-start of school as a Fall event). But mostly, it’s just that Autumn portends the arrival of Winter.

Yes, there are good things about the Fall. The beautiful trees. It is perfect knit-wear weather. It’s often cool enough to go out, but not swelteringly hot. Apples are in season. Thanksgiving occurs in Autumn.

But for most of my life, it’s this time of the year that I start to dream of Spring.

Seems like I would make a good hibernator.

Current Knitting

I have been very excited working on my latest project. Never more so than now that it’s finished and it came out incredibly well.

Primordial Sworl Scarf 11-15-20 00

Primordial Sworl Scarf 11-15-20 08

For those new to QueerJoe, this is my latest design, the Primordial Sworls Wrap.

This version is made with Urth’s Uneek Sock yarn. The yarn comes in 50 gram cakes.

Uneek Sock Yarn 01 Color 68 and 53

So I have 4 50 gram cakes of sock yarn in color 68 and 4 in color 53.  The original version of the shawl was made with Aisling Yarns’ 80/20 Superwash Blue Face Leicester/Nylon sock yarn in color #604 and Dragonfly’s Djinni fingering in colorway Fireworks.

Primordial Sworl Scarves 11-15-20 01

I love them both, but the colors in the latest version show up in photos much more vibrantly.

The pattern is already calling for me to make a third version. I’m considering doing a solid color version. But I’m not sure it would be anywhere near as nice without bursts of sworls.


8 comments on “Autumn Arrives

  1. Here in south of France automn is a good season nearly the best one because the weather freshen up and we can go back for a walk in the forest wich is prohibited when it’s too hot. At the risk of apearing selfish we appreciate too the time with less tourist. The sea is still good and nobody to struggle with to go in. But that was in years before now just have to stay home

    1. Thanks Michèle…if I’m honest with myself, Autumn is the nicest season here as well…children usually go back to school and off-season prices begin for vacation travel. But it also means Winter is around the corner.

  2. These are gorgeous! About the idea for a solid color one & losing the pop of the sworls — maybe do an ‘almost’ solid color one — have the two yarns be two that would be next to each other in a gradient set, or maybe skip one in between. Like black and charcoal or black and steel grey. The sworls wouldn’t risk getting lost in a sea of a single color, but would be subtle in standing out.

  3. I think a solid color version would be gorgeous!! Check out the late bloomer mitts by Kristin Ledgett. I think it would turn out a lot like that.

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