Knitting With QueerJoe – Episode 11

Today is a window into a typical Wednesday morning with QueerJoe.  It’s condensed to 15 minutes. But I only edited out one section that shared a bit more than I had hoped to.

Hope you enjoy.

Current Knitting

If you’ve just come for the knitting, I’m working on two current projects.

I did some work on the Shaker Rib Cardigan redux project.

Shaker Rib Cardigan 11-18-20 01

Finished some work on the left-front of the cardigan.

I also started another monochromatic version of the Primordial Sworls Wrap.

Primordial Darkness Wrap 11-18-20 02

This one is in a silver/black monochromatic, lace-weight yarn. Looking forward to seeing how it works in this design.

8 comments on “Knitting With QueerJoe – Episode 11

  1. Is there really that much light between five and six am where you are? I get up at about 7:15 these days, in full darkness. No wonder I find winter depressing! Love your videos!

  2. Hi! I recently joined your blog. I’m 70 and have been knitting off and on for forty years. Recently I became a member of a Wednesday morning knitting group (all women other than myself). For the past several years I knit every day. I noticed you knit continental style. Is that how you learned? I learned to throw and usually on scarves it doesn’t bother me so much, but for large afghans I have begun to experience right shoulder fatigue. I have tried to switch to picking, but can’t seem to maintain the necessary tension. I’ve also tried Portuguese style, but still prefer throwing. Do you have any suggestions? My husband and I have been together 37 years and married the last six. We’ve also been HIV+ 33 of the 37 years and feel fortunate to have lived this long. Also, one nosey question. Are you retired or have you been able to make a living with your knitting blog?

    1. Hi Larry…and welcome to the world of QueerJoe.
      First of all, I don’t really knit continental style. I do a weird hybrid where I hold my yarn in my left hand, but I throw it (wrap it) instead of picking the yarn. I have also tried switching to picking, but I can’t get the right tension either. I’ve stopped trying. So I have no suggestions for you…sorry.
      I am retired and I am glad I don’t have to make a living with my knitting. It would be way too much work.

      1. Good for you being retired. Life is sweet, isn’t it? I’ve been on HIV+AIDS disability for 26 years almost as long as I worked. Other than the social interaction I don’t miss working. During this time I’ve volunteered for an AIDS service provider in Houston TX and other things. For me I try to adopt the mantra of “it’s the journey not the destination” regarding a knitting project so I never wanted to learn another knitting technique so I could knit faster. Thanks for responding. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Larry

  3. Finn!!!!!! Such a sweet kitty! Give him pets for me and mom. And our neighbor kitties Bella and Buddy say hello. I’ll have to post photos of them on Facebook.

  4. That cardigan somehow reminds me of Medrith Glover’s pattern, Circumnavigated Cardigan… I want to try that one someday… have you tried it? I think it’s set up so that the pockets almost knit themselves…

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