Local Art Disaster - Screaming Tree Before and After

Local Art Disaster

Recently, I wrote about a piece of “open source” artwork in Bucks County.  Unfortunately, there was a local art disaster associated with this piece.

Local Art Disaster – What Happened?!?!

This lovely “screaming tree” has been around for years. It has always amused Thaddeus and I.  If you remember, we added our message to the art piece a few weeks ago.

Screaming Tree 11-08-20 -2

Unfortunately, the tree supporting this artwork wasn’t long for this world.


Screeming Tree After 11-20-20 01


I worried that that the damage might have been done by a human. A petulant mask-hole might have done this as a message. But the mask had already been removed by someone before the sculpture came crashing down.  Also, the “pedestal” for this sculpture was pretty rotted out.

You can’t tell quite how deep this gulley is from photos. But getting in and out of where it fell was a bit treacherous.  We were able to display the piece again.

Screeming Tree After 11-20-20 03

At least temporarily.

W’ere thinking that perhaps it needs a big Santa hat for the holidays.

Current Knitting

I have three WsIP going right now.

  1. Circular Sock Knitting Machine – Offset Stripe Sock in Uneek Sock yarn: CSM Offset Stripe Socks Uneek Sock Color 53 Pair 11-22-20 01

I was able to finish the second sock with minimal effort on the machine. A second sock is never assured give how persnickety the machine can be. But I’m glad to have a new pair of beautiful socks.

2. The Monochromatic Primordial Sworls Lace-Weight Wrap:

Primordial Darkness Wrap 11-22-20 02

I’ve added a few more repeats onto this beauty. Like most lace-weight, it doesn’t show up very well in photos until it’s off the needles and blocked. So you’ll have to trust me.

3. Finally, the Shaker Rib Cardigan Redux project. I have made no progress on this one.

4 comments on “Local Art Disaster

  1. Crazy about your socks and those heels and toes. The yarns, colors, everything. Your latest Primordial Swirl looks wonderful too!
    Best wishes to you and Thaddeus at Thanksgiving!

  2. I live in NY and in my town (~13 miles north and west of NYC) is the Piermont Pier. Once upon a time, there was an artist, known locally as “Driftwood Fred” who installed quirky, fish sculptures, styrofoam buoy faces made with bits of flotsam, etc. I thought it was magical. Then, one day someone complained to the town. The quirky faces and fish disappeared overnight. The pier’s decoration is now restricted to just one telephone pole. I found a picture here:
    Seems the art lovers, and the art critics are everywhere. Sorry it happened in your town too!

    “Art is not the possession of the few who are recognized writers, painters, musicians; it is the authentic expression of any and all individuality. Those who have the gift of creative expression in unusually large measure disclose the meaning of the individuality of others to those others. In participating in the work of art, they become artists in their activity. They learn to know and honor individuality in whatever form it appears. The fountains of creative activity are discovered and released. The free individuality which is the source of art is also the final source of creative development in time”.
    —John Dewey

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