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Love Ezra! And New Photo Editing Tool

Folks, you will definitely love Ezra. He made learning a new software incredibly enjoyable. Seems I used to have that much enthusiasm for life once.

Love Affinity Photo and Love Ezra

You can do both at the same time!

There was a recent update to my iMac’s operating system. I’m now on Big Sur.

I personally think Apple ruined aspects of the Photo app. Specifically the corrections tool. I’m sure they will fix it at one point. But I use it a lot in my blog photo editing. So I decided to pay for Affinity Photo, a really good photo imaging software (for MACs at least).

They’re having a Black Friday Sale on all their suite of softwares. Which I thought was pretty inexpensive to begin with. Affinity basically tries to be a less expensive substitute for the Adobe suite of products. I got the equivalent of Adobe Photoshop. But they also have the equivalent for Adobe Illustrator, etc. And Affinity’s most expensive app is $50 (one-time payment…not a subscription).  And on sale right now, it’s only $35.

Watch Ezra’s video. If you don’t care to learn about Affinity Photo, just watch the beginning section to fall in love with this adorable man. You may also want to skip to “6:46 – Removing Imperfections” to see Ezra at his best!

Sorry for the distraction today. But someone who really embraces their inner-geek always wins my heart.

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the two hunter’s caps

Switching back to lace-weight after working with worsted weight is always a bit jarring. But I’ve picked up the Primordial Sworls Wrap in lace-weight yarn again.

Primordial Sworls Laceweight Wrap 11-27-20 02

It’s not my favorite version of this design, but it’s still an enjoyable knit.  And like most lace-weight garments I knit, I think it will look much nicer after blocking

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  1. I just took up using a projector to beam patterns onto sewing fabric for cutting, and Affinity Designer looks like a great tool, so thanks for the hint! Now, do I leap today or risk a better sale on Cyber Monday…

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