Caught On Video - CSM Sock 11-30-20 00

Finally Caught On Video!

After years of trying, it has finally been caught on video. The elusive “standard sock” on the Gearhart circular sock knitting machine has been documented!

What Was Caught On Video?

Once I finally got my Antique Gearhart Circular Sock Knitting Machine (CSM) working, I was finally able to make a decent sock. With ribbing and rounded heels and toes, various methods began to become my “standard sock” on the machine.

Slowly, I began to collect tools and techniques.  I’d watch a video on how to cast on a 1×1 rib that didn’t require binding off (similar to a tubular cast-on in handknitting). Most CSM users know this as Juana’s Selvedge. Then someone would give me a great tip on evening out the weight so it pulled straight down. This helped make the ribber work more consistently. And then I’d find a great video showing how to make a short-row heel more round instead of angular.

Each one, I’d add to my repertoire. And now this collection has become my standard sock.

With minor adjustments if I’m making socks for Thaddeus or someone else, I can pretty consistently generate decent socks.

If I had a more soothing voice, this hour-long video might make a better ASMR video than a CSM video. But I did include fast-forward links in the comments of the video in case you only wanted to see one or two sections of the this process.

Overall, I’m glad to have created this video. I have learned so much just by watching what and how others crank socks. Hopefully this will help others.

Current Knitting

I spent the entire weekend cranking and finishing socks. First of  all, I finished (grafted the toe, corrected mistakes and wove in all ends) the sock I showed you on the Thanks Giving post.

CSM Sock 11-30-20 05

And then I created a full pair of socks from start to finish.

CSM Sock 11-30-20 00

CSM Sock 11-30-20 02

I particularly love how holiday/festive they look. Especially on the heels and toes.

CSM Sock 11-30-20 04

While I know some of you have no interest at all in the CSM, there are others who are fascinated by it.

I prepared a summary document of information (history, how to purchase a new or used/antique machine, resources, etc.).

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5 comments on “Finally Caught On Video!

  1. That was wonderful. I had seen a sock machine demo at Rhinebeck but never saw the process start to finish even though I had watched it multiple times. And I don’t think the sock there had the 3 x 1 ribbing.
    Fantastic video!

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