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My Harshest Critic?

Someone on social media noted that we are our own harshest critic. I’m not so sure about that. There are many out there and I highly encourage them all.

Please Be Mine…My Harshest Critic

I get feedback from blog readers, social media followers, friends, haters and complete strangers.

When you’ve blogged as much as I have, you become fair game.

But honestly, I’m grateful for all of it. I happened to mention in my daily Zoom meetup with guy-knitters that I was always grateful for critiques. One of the guys I’ve known for a while noted how much he preferred the colorful Primordial Sworl Wraps over the current monochromatic one I’m making. He didn’t need permission to tell me this, but offering him the opportunity seemed to make it easier for him to say this.

And to be honest, I agree with him. While I think my current Primordial Sworl Wrap will look fine when it’s finished and blocked out, it’s not my favorite (by far) of the three.

I honestly don’t think I am my harshest critic. Others can be much more critical, but just don’t express it.

I am a better person for others’ feedback. My knitting is better. Also, my blog is better (I hope)

So today, I request any feedback for me. It can be blog-related. Personal. About my looks. How I’m perceived. Gossip you heard about me.

I want to hear it all, so please, don’t hold back.

You can leave it in comments. Send an e-mail/web form. Comment on social media. Or message me. You can exclude your name for anonymity if you’re afraid I’ll be offended. I won’t be, I’ll be grateful for the honesty.

Current Knitting

I haven’t become a full-time sock-cranker. After all the sock work, I went back to the monochromatic, lace-weight Primordial Sworl Wrap.

Primordial Sworls Laceweight Wrap 12-02-20 02

I still have three more 8-row repeats to go on this. I am feeling as though I need to power through it and get it done. So I really do feel similar to the person who shared his feelings about this project.

4 comments on “My Harshest Critic?

  1. My only criticism is that you don’t have enough pictures of Finn. Cats and knitting just go together.
    Enjoy your blog very much otherwise, especially the political stuff…

  2. Joe! Just keep doing as you are. You are right though, we are our own worst critic. Usually when we have an opinion of ourselves or what we do, we nitpick. Others however see us in a different light. It’s when those opinions from someone else get hurtful that we need to take a step back. What we criticize in others or dislike in others is often times what we like least about ourselves somehow.
    I’ve been following you since before you retired. Whatever you’re doing your doing it well! You’re an inspiration to many. If they don’t like what you have to say or write when it’s your blog- them they just don’t have to read it any longer. (Sorry that’s my opinion). Haha!

    Happy Holidays

  3. Hi. I am a long time reader but don’t comment much (if ever?). I don’t have criticism per say, but I do have feedback. I live in New England where we tend to be a bit reserved in general. Your monochromatic shawl would be a huge hit up here; the most popular colors of cars are black, dark blue and grey. I love to see how you use color. You often pair two variegated colors that to me would never go together and end up with such beautiful results. I enjoy your writing, photos of your work and your outlook on life. I wouldn’t be adverse to more photos of Finn either. Thank you for sharing your writing and craft with us.

  4. Hi. I am a long time fan, but I don’t think I have ever commented. I don’t have criticism per day, but I do have feedback. I live in New England where we tend to be a fair bit reserved. The most popular color of new cars is black, dark blue and grey. Your monochromatic shawl would be a huge hit up here. I often watch you start a project with two different variegated yarns that to me do not go together at all, but the finished projects are always so beautiful. I admire you ability to see the possibilities. Thank you for sharing you knitting and writing with us. I would love more photos of Finn as well!

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