Holiday Gift List - Interchangeable Crochet Hooks Set

Annual Holiday Gift List for Yarn Crafters

For the past few years, I’ve created a holiday gift list for yarn crafters. It can be used as my own personal wish-list. Or for suggestions for knitters, crocheters, spinners, etc. that you know.

Top-10 Holiday Gift List for Knitters, Crocheters, etc.

  1. Hand-Turned Crochet Hook Set – Someone pointed these beauties out to me the other day.

It’s an interchangeable set of crochet hooks!   Hand turned, ergonomic handle in beautiful wood.


2. Interesting Stitch Markers (promotional link)- Knitters can NEVER have enough stitch markers.

Pretty Warm Stitch Markers

Or cases to keep stitch markers.  Nice inexpensive gift for knitters.


3. Wooden Yarn Swift (promotional link) – I have two of these (medium and large) and I just love them.

Wooden Swift

They’ve come down a lot in price, so you may want to combine it with:


4. Jumbo Ball-Winder (promotional link) – Having a nice ball-winder makes starting a new project so much nicer.

Wooden Jumbo Ball Winder

These have come down SIGNIFICANTLY in price. I have a nicer one, but it’s also a lot more expensive.


5.  Needle Kits – Obsessive knitters can never have enough needles, and so a nice interchangeable needle kit is always welcome.

I’ve recommended this one before. It’s the one I use almost exclusively, and I still think it’s a great gift.


6. Knitting Bag (promotional link) – Yarn crafters can never seem to get enough project bags.

Amazon Knitting Bag

You can definitely find really nice “designer” bags or less expensive everyday totes. Just make sure it doesn’t have velcro or anything else that might snag yarn!


7. Craft Books (promotional link)- Finding a book that a yarn crafter wants, but might not necessarily spend the money for is the perfect gift idea. Here are two that  I’d choose:

Harry Potter Knitting Magic Book              Making Marls

The Harry Potter Knitting Magic Book is a huge popular favorite. Making Marls is Cecilia Campochiaro’s latest masterpiece that many knitters would want to own.


8. Display Bust/Mannequin (promotional link)- For blocking hats, sweaters, scarfs and for displaying them for social media photographs.

Male Bust Mannequin White

Not all of us have room for one of these, but they become incredibly handy.


9. Blocking Mats/Pins (promotional link) – For your knitting friends who are always using the guest bed to block their knitwear.

Blocking Mats and Pins

These pins work exceedingly well to block lengths of straight edges.


10. ChiaGoo Twist Shorties Set (promotional link) – This set is for the knitter who doesn’t like double-pointed needles or magic loop.

ChiaGoo Twist Shorties InterchangeableChiaGoo Twist Shorties

Knitters love theses short-tipped interchangeable needles. For sleeves, hats and other circular knitting projects where double-points would be annoying. They also come in smaller gauge needles as Twist Red Lace Minis US0 to US3 (2-3.25 mm) kits.

Current Knitting

I’m very happy with my progress since Wednesday on the Primordial Sworl Wrap in lace-weight yarn.

Primordial Sworls Laceweight Wrap 12-04-20 01

Primordial Sworls Laceweight Wrap 12-04-20 02

Primordial Sworls Laceweight Wrap 12-04-20 06

I’ve completed 9 of the 10 pattern repeats, so just one more to go!  The monochromatic, mottled-color yarn is starting to grow on my as I get closer to completing this project. It has an almost ostrich-skin-like look to it…no?

Primordial Sworls Laceweight Wrap 12-04-20 04

Well, in some lighting conditions it does. Can’t wait to see this one all blocked out and “lacy.”

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