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Does The Cat Die?

In a movie, I am fine if dozens of human beings are slaughtered. But hurt a pet, and I’m done. All I want to know is “Does the cat die?”

Wondering Does The Cat Die – Is That Weird? (trigger warning)

Thaddeus and I watch a lot of movies. We have no aversion to gory, violent movies.

But if you hurt or kill a dog or cat in a movie, we’re emotionally traumatized. So yes, we often ask, “Does the cat die?”

Trigger Alert – There Is Harm To Cats In This Story

It was a Thursday afternoon, fourteen years ago today. I was boarding a plane to come home for the weekend from a consulting project. Travel days are always hectic. I was grateful to have been one of the first group of passengers to board. There would be room in the overhead for my roller-board and computer case. I had just come onto the plane, carrying all my bags and my cell phone rang. I was worried it was my project manager or the client. It was Thaddeus, calling from home. Which was out of-the-ordinary.

I answered the phone and began to get my baggage in the overhead compartment above my seat. The phone was difficult to cradle between my shoulder and my ear. But I could still tell that Thaddeus was crying. He apologized for having to tell me on the phone. He told me Gage had just been euthanized. It wasn’t completely unexpected. But the news was still a shock. Gage had a heart condition and that day it caused a blood clot that went to his leg. Thaddeus was left to do the most loving thing you can do for a beloved family member. He didn’t want to delay telling me until I got home. I don’t remember much immediately after that. But it was a long flight home.

It Gets Better At This Point In The Blog Entry

Fast-forward to today. We take a yearly trek up to where we bury our beloved cats. This year was the first year we focused more on the joyous memories of Chaps, Gage, and Nico. It only took 14 years. It’s now a very nice tradition. And a beautiful way for us to keep them in our hearts a little longer.

So, yes. We care more about when a cat or dog dies in a movie than when a human does.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Thank you all for the feedback requested in my previous blog entry. You all are no less than awesome. I apologize for using this blog post as a way of providing more photos of Finn. But I do take your feedback seriously.

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the lace-weight, monochromatic Primordial Sworls Wrap. It ended up being 70″ long and 16″ wide after blocking.

This is going to be one of those difficult items to price for a craft show sale. I didn’t enjoy the knitting, so I want to charge a LOT for the effort. But I also know the kind of price-point I need to set to sell it. I’ll ask readers…if you saw this on my table at a craft show, and turned over the price tag, what amount would you HOPE it would be?

Primordial Sworls Laceweight Wrap 12-04-20 05

Sorry, I don’t have a beautiful model to show it off for me.

7 comments on “Does The Cat Die?

  1. I have no idea on price, either. What is the yarn? I’d hope for $120, but still couldn’t afford it. Love your love-of-cats story. And I love the name Finn. That price, btw, would be dirt cheap, and cover none of your labor and material costs.

  2. I have the same reaction, Joe. I don’t want to watch a movie or read a book where something bad happens to an animal.

  3. Right there with you, my sister and I even cry when commercials of lost pets come up. They are family and they teach us unconditional love. We have left a movie when we were kids because a dog died.

    And keep the photos of Finn coming….he is too handsome to keep to yourself. Oh & scarf/shawl is gorgeous.

  4. I never watched Marley and Me because someone told me,the dog dies.

    I am seriously on board with you. Can’t even take it when when then imply violence to cats or dogs.

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