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Solstice Holidays – The Worst Time To Blog

The worst time to blog is right now. At least as far as I am concerned. Here’s why.

Factors Associated With The Worst Time To Blog

There are a number of factors which makes this time of the year problematic.

  1. First off, blog photography is more difficult. Since I usually write my blog in the morning, it is still way too dark and cold to take photos by natural light. Or in an outdoor setting. This means I either plan photos the day before and show you “delayed progress” photos. Or I wait until it’s light enough and brave the cold outdoors to take a photo.
  2. There are competing factors for my lap.  When Finn isn’t in my lap, my knitting usually is. Finn is in my lap a lot more when it’s colder out.Finn and Seven Up Scarf 12-12-20 01  Seven-Up Scarf 12-16-20 00
  3. Knit-blogging takes a bit of time and so do the holidays. Holiday shopping, cards, ordering gifts, etc. I can’t show as much progress in my knitting again. And the progress photos I show aren’t as good (see #1).

All-in-all, I try to keep up the pace of blogging during the holidays. But it definitely isn’t as easy.

I guess that’s probably true for most of you as well. A lot of things aren’t as easy during this time of year.

Current Knitting

Progress of on the Seven Up Scarf continues apace, despite all holiday interference.


The colorway in the last photo is the most accurate of any so far. I took that in the middle of the day yesterday. The others were taken either this morning under gray clouds with a sun just coming up. Or inside with less-than-perfect lighting.

Also note that this pattern knits up like a lace pattern. Blocking when it’s off the needles will have a significant impact on the final look.

2 comments on “Solstice Holidays – The Worst Time To Blog

  1. Hey there, I hear ya about blogging struggles. I just want to state how the colors of this piece you’re working on are such a great combination and soothing to my eyes. I’m an occasional sock knitter and would love to see this as a sock. Hmmmm 🙏❤️🙏

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