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Is It Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas?

I have to believe many folks are asking the question this week. Is it beginning to feel a lot like Christmas?

Despite The Song – Is It Really Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas?

I just ate a candy cane yesterday. Instead of that familiar pepperminty taste reminding me of upcoming joy, it was just a reminder of all that isn’t this year. Sorry to be a downer, but I’m all about the rituals…the traditions. And many of those are impossible this year. Or should be to keep people safe and healthy.

Especially those people with young children. This time of year was always filled with excitement and anticipation.

But without trips to see Santa at the mall. Or Christmas cookies at Aunt Mary’s. Even midnight mass at church…singing carols. It just isn’t Christmas for me.

I call for a re-do. Or a postponement. Sometime around July, we need to celebrate a real Christmas. One with all the smells, joy and delight in being around family. And NOT via Zoom for chrissakes. One more thing to add to my list of what I’ll do when this pandemic is over.

Current Knitting

That hasn’t stopped me from knitting, however. Nothing really stops me from knitting.

I finished the Seven Up Scarf and also a new hat.


It came out fantastically well. This is the softest superwash merino I’ve ever knit with. The colors blended in such a beautiful way. The scarf long, and drapey and very warm. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

In a Dr. Seuss sort of way, it’s almost Christmassy…no?

And here’s the hat.

This project taught me the lesson…”Trust good yarn.” The colors at the bottom weren’t my favorite. But not only did they switch over to rich and beautiful colors, but they also blended well with the colors as a whole.

I just had to trust the yarn.

This is Uneek Superwash Worsted…not sure which colorway, but I could make this amazing hat in any of their colorways.

3 comments on “Is It Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas?

  1. Love your ha! As always, spectacular colors!
    Love your idea of a re-do for Christmas in July!
    Mom did Christmas in July. Sort of. I know it is your bliss time, but she suffered in the hot weather and I don’t like it as well. She would save some of her fantastic Christmas cookies and freeze them. On a blistering hot summer day, she would pull them out for us all to enjoy and just feel a little bit cooler. And play some Christmas music. One year, we even exchanged a few gifts.
    I still play Christmas music on hot, humid days, (Poor Fred!) and binge watch all the Nutcracker ballets I can find,, just to feel cooler.
    Take care and best wishes.

  2. I feel your pain. Didn’t put up a tree yet ( maybe on Christmas eve) but then again I switched to the 1970s ceramic tree a few years ago– yes I’m one of “those” little old ladies… Miss the “routines” of the holiday. Both of my parents (91 and 93 tested COVID-19 positive on 12/8/20 so it’s not the year to visit mom and dad- even though they seem to have come through the worst of it). Happy to still have parents in 2020.
    I do live in the Hudson Valley. A big part of my Christmas ritual is going to see the Christmas shows- one at Radio City (1st time in years I’ve missed it since the Carter Administration) and the other at West Point. Fortunately, both were available electronically (thank you NBC pre-recording), and thank you USMA
    Seeing the virtual West Point Holiday Show allowed me to multi-task and I was able to bake cookies and see the show simultaneously. Since my daughter has a gluten allergy, I even took the shortcut of using a “safe” cookie mix. Thanks, Wegman’s. Not too shabby!
    I’m also going to miss Paul Winter’s Solstice concert in person, but it is available electronically (and so I dance, at home and in my pajamas)
    We got snow last week (white Christmas- check) and there’s a prediction for more this week. Because of the cloud cover, I’m not going to be able to see the Jupiter/Saturn astronomical event 800 years in the making. Sigh. It’s 2020.
    Mightnight mass- not gonna happen in person, but this may be the year I tune in to Christmas Mass at the Vatican. Pope Frances seems cool enough. I stopped caring about being catholic when they closed St. Vincents. I took it 35+ years of service personally.
    So, I gotta ask myself what makes tradition? Who says so?
    What is important to me this year? Some new takes on old favorites

  3. I love your sensibilities and your color choices, Joe. The scarf and hat look awesome. I can’t wait til this pandemic is beaten and life moves on.

    Stay safe.

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