Any Excuse Will Do

Any Excuse Will Do

Are you one of those knitters who will pounce on any opportunity for knitting?  Where any excuse will do to get you to cast on a new project?

I’m One Of Those Knitters…Yes, Any Excuse Will Do

Thaddeus mentions it would be nice to have reusable shopping bags. I’m on it! My mom mentions her feet are cold? Socks or slippers? My local charity is looking for pieces to auction off? Can-do! The cat likes the smell of the yarn I’m working with? I must knit him a felted house immediately! We need a last-minute gift for Christmas? Well, I better get going…I only have 3 hours.

Yes, any of those excuses are just fine for me. I’ll immediately sift through my stash of yarns and patterns and needles. Casting on is almost instantaneous with the excuse being verbalized.

I Can’t Help Myself

It’s so bad, that many times I’ve completed a knitting project based on the mere hint of an excuse, and the recipient is completely confused as to why I’m giving it to them. Often, they have no memory at all at having convinced me to knit something. And to be fair, they may have given me no impetus at all. It may have all been in my head.

But to be fair, I have all the resources necessary to respond with urgency. I have an extensive library of books, magazines and patterns. My yarn stash is ridiculous. The needles and knitting notions within arms-reach of wherever I am are sufficient for virtually any knitted project I could imagine. And that’s not to mention the vast resources of the internet I have at my very fingertips.

No one is better prepared than I to respond to even the slightest whisper of a knitting need. Even when I’ve just imagined the need in my frenzied desire to find any excuse to knit.

Current Knitting

So an off-hand comment from Thaddeus has me off to the races again. Yesterday, he expressed a vague desire for a small gift for someone we might see tomorrow. Pattern? Check! Yarn? Check! Needles? Check!

Fingerless Gloves 12-23-20 02

First, I pulled out Aaron’s trusty “Choose Your Cable Adventure” glove pattern. I found some mule-spun natural-colored brown yarn in the right weight. I pulled out the short, INOX double-pointed needles in the size called for and cast on immediately.

Fingerless Gloves 12-23-20 01

I’ve modified Aaron’s pattern. I’m not doing cabling (not enough time) and I’m making fingerless gloves (actually fingertipless gloves…also saves some time). And it looks like I might have a small gift by tomorrow sometime. Just in case it may be necessary.

I couldn’t be happier.

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