A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas Miracle (or two)

To all those celebrating, Happy Christmas. Two updates to my Ravelry designs is both a Christmas Miracle and my gift to you all!

Two Completed Patterns IS a Christmas Miracle

Last week, I promised that I’d update the Seven-Up Scarf.  Between then and now, someone asked me for a pattern for the most recent hat I knitted with Uneek Worsted yarn. I ended up doing both.

Two Updated Designs 12-24-20 01

The hat pattern is free (since there is NOTHING revolutionary about it). The Seven Up Scarf didn’t change price. It’s just in the more updated format for my patterns and has some helpful notes about the design.

Other Christmas Miracles

The post office delivered a parcel all the way from Dunedin, New Zealand from James.

James Herbison Christmas Gifts 12-20-20 01

Among other things, the special parcel came with these wonderful confections that look like morel mushrooms.

Christmas Fairy Mushrooms 2020

They’re called Fairy Mushrooms.  How much more thoughtful a gift could he send to Thaddeus and I?

Finn has been an angel these days…hoping to not get coal in his stocking.

Finn In The Sky Box 12-19-20 01

He’s not fooling anyone.

And if that’s not miracle-filled enough, I also got Christmas cherry pie and leftover-dough cookies from Thaddeus.

Christmas Cherry Pie and dough cookies 2020 01

I have been truly blessed this year (in even more ways than I wrote about). I am grateful…so grateful.

Current Knitting

I finished the half-finger gloves (based on Aaron’s Choose Your Cable Adventure Glove pattern) and they came out exceptionally well.

Half Finger Gloves Finished 12-24-20 02

Given how quickly I can knit a pair of these, I may include them in future craft show offerings.  We’ll see.

Miracle of miracles, I was also able to test-knit my new hat pattern with another version done in Noro Kureopatora.

QueerJoe Simple Hat 12-25-20 01

Here’s what the top-spiral-decrease section looks like on a less-smooth yarn.

QueerJoe Simple Hat 12-25-20 03

Overall, I’m quite pleased with this revised hat pattern design. It’s warmer, slightly larger and aesthetically more well-balanced.

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