Avoid The Twist

Avoid The Twist!

We’ve all read the knitting pattern that instructs us to “join in the round but be careful not to twist your stitches.” Yes, avoid the twist!

How To Avoid The Twist

For years, whenever anyone would ask for tips on joining in the round, I suggested the same thing. Just knit a few rows flat before joining in the round. And then use the cast-on tail to sew up the few rounds.  But there are a couple of ways I use.

I’ve been knitting a lot of items in-the-round lately. Mostly hats. Also gloves. And I’ve been using a different technique to join in the round.

So I figured I’d do a quick tutorial on three different ways to avoid the dreaded twist.

Three methods in under 10 minutes.  And there are fast-forward links in comments to go to each of the methods.

Current Knitting

I had some of the Uneek Worsted yarn from the last hat I knit. So I decided to combine it with the hunter-yellow yarn to make another hat.

Hunter Cap With Uneek Brim 12-27-20 03

Hunter Cap With Uneek Brim 12-27-20 01a

I’m using the free pattern I just published for QueerJoe’s Simple Hat.

QueerJoe Hunter Cap With Uneek Brim 12-27-20 01

I quite like how it looks. Not sure how well it will sell, but one day I’ll get to see.

6 comments on “Avoid The Twist!

  1. Great tutorial. Which join the round do you use for your Queer Joe’s Simple Hat? Thanks for the pattern, by the way! I look forward to knitting of of these hats! Your sweater looks fantastic too!
    I have a join which usually works. I cast on on a straight needle and then move the stitches off it onto four double points (or a circular needle.)
    I do this standing in the kitchen, working on a high surface onto which I can lay a terry cloth towel. The four needles are laid on the towel and I make sure there are no twists. It must be daytime!
    The towel stabilizes everything and I do a join. I don’t know what it’s called…. While I knit, I make sure the knitting and needles mostly stay on the towel.
    I also take the phone off the hook, put the cat in the bedroom, and alert Fred to stay out of the kitchen.
    This also works with provisional cast on! More swearing though….

    1. Thanks Mike!
      For the QueerJoe’s Simple Hat I cast on 44 stitches on two double-pointed needles and hold them parallel to make sure the cast-on edge is all pointing downward and then use a third double-pointed needle to begin knitting in the round (method 2 in the video).

      This was the reason I decided to do this video. If someone asked how to best avoid twisting your work when you joined in the round, I recommended knitting four rows flat (method 1), but I wasn’t doing what I’d recommend. So I figured a video that gave 3 options worked the best to show all the methods I use.

  2. #4
    Lay your needle (with cast-on sts) out on a flat surface, smoothing the cast on to the outside of the circle. Work one round. Now place it flat again. At this point you can ‘correct’ any twist without it showing on your completed project.
    After your second round you can fix it as well, but you will see a blip in your edge.

  3. Thanks, Joe. The second method, with the two parallel needles, looks like one I should try. Very clearly explained and shown.

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