Ive Hit The Mother Lode - Decadent Fibers DELISH Montage

I’ve Hit The Mother Lode

Every once in a while, life presents amazing good fortune. This time it appears that I’ve hit the mother lode.

How I’ve Hit The Mother Lode

A few years back, I was at the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival (now Adirondack Wool & Arts Festival). These smaller, regional fiber festivals have become a hotbed of independent farmers, spinners and dyers. I happened to wander into the booth for Decadent Fibers. They were exactly the kind of fiber vendors I love about these festivals.

Decadent Fibers Note Paper

I ended up buying the yarn from them, although I have no record of ever having blogged about it. And certainly no memory of it.

Fast-forward to this year, and I ended up using their DELISH fingering weight, superwash, superfine merino to make my Seven-Up Scarf.

Seven-Up Scarf 12-16-20 04

There was a lot of interest in this yarn (and in the pattern). So I ended up placing an order for more. It’s a long story, but my interactions with Pat and Christine at Decadent Fibers ended up letting them go WILD dyeing up yarn.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this awesome haul.

Decadent Fibers DELISH 9 colors custom dyed

Can you guess which one is my favorite? Okay…that’s a trick question. Can you guess which three are my favorites?

Supporting your favorite independent dyers during this shitty year would be awesome if you can. I’m fortunate to be able to continue enhancing my stash, so I will.

Current Knitting

Hats have been about all I can manage during the holiday week. I’ve finished a new version of QueerJoe’s Simple Hat using a different colorway of Noro Kureopatora.

QueerJoes Simple Hat Kureopatora 12-30-20 04

I don’t make the best model, but it turned out to be a really nice hat.

I’ve started a new one.

QueerJoes Simple Hat Kureopatora Helical 12-30-20 00

This one will add a component of helical knitting so I can use up the remainder of the two cakes of Kureopatora from the prior two hats. It’s kind of an octopus right now, but I think it will be good.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Michèle writes:

“You did changes on your banner did you ? It looks more modern and clear. Best wishes for the new year”

Yes…I created a new logo that I’m trying out, and I also changed the side-bar photo of me.  It’s like some peoples’ hairdos…I like to change things up a bit every once in a while. Thanks for noticing and have a wonderful 2021.


1 comment on “I’ve Hit The Mother Lode

  1. I think you’re a lovely model. Plus with COVID, it’s not like there’s a lot of people you can just stick a hat on.
    Those hats are wonderful! Your stash enhancement is impressive.
    I’ve been doing my bit to keep my LYS in business. They’re doing an awesome job- they schedule appointments and do curbside for those who know what they want. I miss just hanging out though. On to 2021, when we might be able to knit in a LYS again!

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